Genuine PreEmbargo Edicition Limitada

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Genuine PreEmbargo Edicition Limitada

Today I smoked this cigar from They bill this cigar as being inspired by the cigar of the same name from Habanos SA, a cuban cigar company. I smoked the corona sized cigar. The cigars come 50 to a cedar chest for a price of about $96 per box. This brings the per cigar price to under $2 a stick. I have never smoked the one this is inspired by so I will be reviwing the cigar based on itself.

The wrapper is a beautiful Nicaragua maduro. I cut the cap off and noticed the pre light draw was easy. After lighting up the cigar I noted some cocoa flavor. I did expect this coming from a maduro cigar. After smoking the cigar for a few minutes, I started to pick up some hints of spice. The burn was very even and produced a great amount of smoke.

The cigar lasted about an hour and was a very enjoyable experience. I recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a great maduro at an excellent price. You can not go wrong with this cigar.

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7 thoughts on “Genuine PreEmbargo Edicition Limitada

  1. great review Justin! you’ve come a long way since the first review. im really looking forward to your questions, my answers. it’ll be good to have jerry and brian back.

    quick question, what are some other cigars that you know of that have a cocoa/ sweet base flavor with little to no spice?

    also, i hate to be saying this because i’ve gotten such great deals on them, but cienfuegos makes excellent cigars. if i know of a hidden gem, thats it. you can usually get them for under $3 a stick on cigarbid

  2. Nice review, Justin!
    Man I’m so stoked to see your questions my answers!
    And to all you guys together, can’t wait.

    And thanks for the update on the tobacco tax.
    I hope this tax doesn’t go up that much!

  3. Great review man! This wouldn’t be a cigar that I’d normally try (the whole counterfeit things sounds kinda corny.) But after seeing your review I’m really tempted to buy a box since they are less than $2.00 a stick. Keep up the good work.

  4. Nice work Justin. There were a few hiccups in the video, that i’m sure you’re aware of, but overall the review of the smoke was well done.

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