Month: August 2007

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Stogie Fan Forum

One of the recommendations we received on how we can make The Stogie Review better was to have a Forum/Message Board so that Stogie Review visitors can communicate with each other as well as give us another avenue to communicate with you. I’d like to take a moment to introduce the Stogie Fan Forum.  You […]

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Ashton VSG

Up for review this week is the Ashton VSG. This particular stick was requested for review a couple of weeks back. Being one of the first cigars I laid eyes on as I rummaged through my cooler, I decided it was about time I stopped looking at it and started smoking it. During a quick […]

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Good Byes, Welcomes & Updates

I’m not a glass empty kind of guy so we’ll start with the good bye part. We all know that sometimes in life things just don’t work out. It’s never someone’s fault or something in particular that triggers it, as the old saying goes, shit happens. With that, I (the collective I) would like to […]

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Davidoff Cigarillo

Today I decided to do a little digging in the humidor and fill a request for a “Little Cigar” for those that are tight on time. The cigar I walked away with is the Davidoff Cigarillo. This little guy weighs in at 4 inches long with a 23 ring gauge. These are machine made in […]

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