Month: September 2007

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Virtual Herf

Well I should have my camera setup on Sunday. I even figured out how to use my camcorder with ustream instead of my crappy webcam. This should actually help me get on track to recording on the weekends and not trying to find time to squeeze in a review during the week. I received a […]

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Contest Winners

First thanks to everyone who participated in the Stinky Cigar Herf Edition Ashtray Giveaway and those who are currently participating in Stogie Bowl 2007. The winner of Week 1 of Stogie Bowl 2007 is Adam from Sapulpa OK who beat your’s truly out by one game (damn you Baltimore) and wins a 5 pack of […]


CAO Sopranos Soldier

By email request, this week I’m taking a look at the CAO Sopranos Soldier. (And you thought we didn’t read your email!) As luck would have it, I just happened to have a few of these guys kicking around in my collection of RTDA/IPCPR booty. Normally I’m good for some friendly banter just before the […]

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Stogie Bowl 2007

Okay I know thats a real cheesy name…I also know that its a bit late to do this since the first game is tonight but hopefully there are enough NFL junkies out there to get us a good turnout. I’ve come into the possession of a few boxes of cigars from a mysterious SR Fan […]

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