Stogie Bowl 2007

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Stogie Bowl 2007

Okay I know thats a real cheesy name…I also know that its a bit late to do this since the first game is tonight but hopefully there are enough NFL junkies out there to get us a good turnout. I’ve come into the possession of a few boxes of cigars from a mysterious SR Fan that asked they be given away in a fun contest for all the other SR Fans. So these boxes will be given away to the winner at the end of the season. The winner will receive one (1) box of each of the following:

Partagas Spanish Rosado
Partagas Black Label
Partagas Cifuentes

Also, each week the person with the most wins for that week receives a 5 pack. I have the first four weeks listed below:

Week 1 = 601 Maduro
Week 2 = Partagas #8 Maduro
Week 3 = RP Old World Reserve
Week 4 = Nording by Rocky Patel

So in order to play, head over to:

And join group:

The Stogie Review (ID# 65066)

Using the passwod:


And then get your picks in for Week 1. This contest is open to anyone…even my fellow SR Staff members.


14 thoughts on “Stogie Bowl 2007

  1. Point system…the teams you pick either win or they don’t. No spreads…unless of course the masses demand it before kickoff tonight.

  2. Frank – The max number of people (50) have signed up. Sorry bro…look for something similar for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (if you follow college hoops in Canada).

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