Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 18

Your Questions, My Answers7 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 18

Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 18

Questions covered this episode

    Damaged Cigars
    Inexpensive Cutters
    Elevated Temp.
    Inexpensive Torch
    Re-Lighting Cigars
    Online Shippings Methods
    Humidor Odor
    Storing Cigars at Different RH Levels
    Time Elapsed Photos
    Nicotine Illness
    Discussion Topics

To answer this weeks MQYA (My Question, Your Answer) either leave a voicemail via Skype (username wwhite72082) or call (610)572-2636

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7 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 18

  1. Good episode. As for MQYA, I am guilty of not calling with an answer.. I procrastinated until it was too late. While I was at my local B&M I presented the question of having only $3.43. He showed me what he had in that price range. I ended up going with a Helix Connecticut. Nothing special but a decent little smoke for $3.35.

    Anyhow, great episode Walt.

  2. I thought you did a great job holding down the fort all by your lonesome Walt. Kudos to you.

    I live out here in California so we don’t have much out here that’s under $3.43. I’ll take a closer look round and see what I have available. A Padron Londres isn’t a bargain out there.

    I’ve bought a Flor de Olvia for about $3.43, that’s probably the best we could do out here.

  3. J-dogg, your infant baby kicked your camcorder and took it out? lol Where’d you get that camcorder, the 99cent store? just kidding man. I hope the lil robusto’s foot is okay.

  4. That was a great episode Walt. Looked like you had some problems keeping that smoke lit. Did you mention what you were smoking? I guess that that would make a good question. Does continually relighting a smoke ruin the taste? Anyway, sorry about not actively participating in MQYA the first time around. It completely slipped my mind, but i’ll think about your question this week and leave a message.

  5. Walt

    Thanks for you reply on Humidor odor. Somehow your email didn’t get through.

    The odor has mellowed a little bit and the cigars still smell more like cigars than wood. When I open the humidor I smell the wood more than the cigars. The cigar count is now up to 45 with 12 un-cellophaned sticks. Ten Pinar 3000 and two Nikka-Nudes purchased from the B&M near work. Somebody stop me! The humidor is under two weeks old, I’m going to need a much bigger one.

    When I smell the cigars they do not appear to have picked up the odor of the humidor. The oldest sticks have only been in the humidor for ten days. I really am just beginning to experience the pleasures of cigars and already my desire for cigars has outpaced my ability to pay for them.

    I’ve caught the sickness.

    Great site keep up the good work.

  6. Walt,

    Thanks for the help regarding the lighters. I’m going to be stopping by Wal-mart this weekend and picking a Ronson torch lighter up. I’ll let you know how it works for me. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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