Belmont CA Smoking Ban Update

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Belmont CA Smoking Ban Update

A little more on a story Cigar Jack brought to us a few weeks ago. I love their plans on how they will enforce the law:


3 thoughts on “Belmont CA Smoking Ban Update

  1. Are you kidding me! This is outrageous. Sue your neighbor for smoking. This is no longer about “saving kids” or “public health” this is my non-smoking rights are more important than your smoking rights. It also seems to be a way to start to ban smoking in general. How insane is that you can not smoke in the place that YOU PAY FOR. Whats next single family homes because the smoke might go in the neighbors window. Why are we so worried about tobacco smoke but not car or factory smoke, that stuff is bad news!

  2. I’m sure this comment has been posted before, but how long before tax is placed on foods that cause obesity or any of the hundreds of other things that aren’t “good for you”? I guess the argument can be made that obesity doesn’t affect the people around you, but I would suggest to the people who make that argument, try sitting between two obese people in a subway in nyc during the summer!

  3. Ha. You have to go get an attorney, file a lawsuit, and convince the judge to issue an injunction to stop a smoking neighbor. If you’re living in one of the places it’s banned, I would be shocked if you have enough money to go through all that. What a useless law.

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