Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid No. 9 (Maduro)

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Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid No. 9 (Maduro)

A few weeks ago, I was browsing thru the podcast directory on iTunes to see if there were any new podcasts that I could add to my rotation of virtualization, Stargate, Warcraft and of course cigar related podcasts. Luck would have it that I stumbled upon Chris Trotter and his Cigar Alliance podcast.

I listened to his first episode and was really impressed with his straight talk and the niche he found within the “new media” world of cigars. I then listened to his second episode and had my ego stroked as Chris described The Stogie Review as being “innovative”. Finally as I listened to his third episode and him poking fun at my blueberry pomegranate juice review that I knew I had to share Chris and his Cigar Alliance podcast with our fans here at The Stogie Review by giving him a spot on The Stogie Voice.

With that I give you guys, Chris Trotter from The Cigar Alliance podcast and his review of the Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid No. 9 (Maduro). While you’re subscribing to The Cigar Alliance in iTunes be sure to search and subscribe to The Stogie Voice since I couldn’t figure out how to add these audio only reviews to our existing RSS feed that we have for iTunes.

Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid No. 9 (Maduro)


6 thoughts on “Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid No. 9 (Maduro)

  1. Hey guys I was trying to log on the stogie forums and I couldn’t
    remeber my password, and I change my e mail, well kinda.

  2. Lou,

    Either send me an email, or use the contact form and let me/us know what your new email is. Then someone will change the email on your account so you can request the password, or we can reset it and you can change it later.


  3. Thank God I’m not rich. If I were, I’d smoke a box of
    Centenarios a day. I’m a pushover for a winey cigar and this brand
    has it in spades. Favorite shape: the Tuscanys.

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