Episode 21 (Segment 3) – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 21 (Segment 3) – Your Questions, My Answers

In the final segment of Episode 21, that runs a bit over 35 minutes, Walt and Jerry discuss:

* Recent purchases
* Are cigars considered collectibles and if they appreciate in value?
* OpusX availability
* My Question, Your Answer (610) 572-2636
* Coupon Codes


10 thoughts on “Episode 21 (Segment 3) – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Another great job and entertaining episode guys. The editing looks a lot better for some reason this time around. Hey Jerry are you in some sort of old man rocking chair? I’m not sure about anyone else, but it was a tad bit distracting seeing you rock back and forth. Anyway, another great episode and hopefully I can think of a question for your next session and an answer for the MQYA segment.

  2. Its not an old man chair but the rocker the wife uses for nursing…i was too busy trying to beat Walt online that I didn’t grab a different chair. 🙂

  3. Hey, i just wanted to input my two cents on the tobacco taxation contreversy. If the suggested plan which, as of now, would be that of using 100% of the extra money from the tobacco taxation increase for free healthcare to children who are poor, then i personally dont mind shelling out the extra cash.

  4. Just in reference to cigars as collectibles, I picked up this months edition of Cigar Afficianado on the weekend and read it last night while enjoying a RP R4. Anyhow, there is a neat artical in there about a Hong Kong businessman who collects cigars. He has over 5000 boxes and purchases most of his stuff at auction over in England I believe. I guess he collects rare stuff as well as the highest rated past cigars (97s,98s,99s,etc.) So I would definitately say cigars can be collectibles even if you aren’t going to smoke them. I mean stamps are made to be mailed and coins are made to be spent but people still collect those. If I was rich I could see myself becoming a cigar collector. I think it would be a facinating hobby considering the rich history cigars and some of the great stories that many cigars would have to tell. Just my humble opinion.

  5. Jerry I seem to recall in a previous video you talking about your baseball card and coin collection…whats the difference between collecting those over cigars? Don’t we refer to our cigars and humidors as “investments”?

  6. I have to say that this MacBook has been a dream…editing in iMovie is super easy and efficient and the direct upload to YouTube is ultra cool. It be great if they supported other video services like blip.tv or Google (which makes no sense since Google owns YouTube). But yes, switching has been the third best decision of my life (after getting married and having a kid).

  7. If any of you tax supporters support the increase in taxation, then please feel free to write them a personal check. Many hard working people out here are sick of the government taking over 50 cent of our hard earned dollar. Stop raising taxes people..!

  8. Exactly Sam. While I understand the nobility in wanting to help the poor I’ve got to wonder where will it end? It’s not so much a cigar issue but the constant tax raising thing. I resist it to keep my cigars affordable but also as much to fight continual tax raising in general..

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