Episode 21 (Segment 2) – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 21 (Segment 2) – Your Questions, My Answers

Segment 2 runs close to 24 minutes and Walt and I discuss:

* What we’ve been smoking
* Walt’s wedding day cigar rotation
* Greek and our current TV lineup
* Things we don’t like about smoking cigars
* What if SR didn’t exist?


9 thoughts on “Episode 21 (Segment 2) – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk. Great segments, very interesting. Thank you for all your work and effort.

  2. no need to apologize mr.smasy…its all good. My wife said the same thing when she watched…said it probably gave people motion sickness. LOL

  3. Hey Jerry, for the tattoo why don’t you do a cigar band with a picture of your baby’s in the center and his birthday under the face, then on the sides put JJ along with some traditional cigarband artwork. I know there are some really good tattoo artists out there that can do great portraits. Maybe you could be on an episode of Miami Ink. That would be too cool. Just don’t get the tattoo on the small of your back ok? That would just be creepy. lol.

  4. lol good show guys.
    Some really good shows in my opinion
    that just started not to long ago is Journeyman.
    and Prison Break! but Prison breaks in there third season.
    but if theres anyway you can watch the other season I say
    you give it a try, its a very good show!

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