Final Goodbye

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Final Goodbye

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This will be the last post about the untimely death of my little robusto. After this, The Stogie Review will return to its normal cigar review material.

I wanted to share the speech that my wife and I wrote to say goodbye to JJ during his funeral mass. I’ve timed this post to auto publish at about the time that I think I will be speaking.

JJ was a special boy. From the beginning of his life, JJ seemed to always be ahead, holding his head up his first week, finding his hands to play with, giving smiles and belly laughs. When he was first born, he seemed to be a serious boy, always with a look on his face as if he was trying to figure everything out. But as time went on, he showed his playful side, smiling when you told him you loved him or what a good and beautiful boy he was.

JJ is our greatest blessing, giving us more than we had ever dreamed. As his parents we would constantly marvel at how amazing he was, and how special he could make you feel. We knew we were so lucky to have JJ.

Every day with JJ brought gifts of joy, whether it was in the way he would crinkle his nose and smile, hold your hand tightly, or sweetly lay on you to sleep. We never imagined that our hearts could overflow with such happiness and pride, and that life could be filled with a warmth that reached the depths of your soul.

JJ knew nothing but love – from his parents, family, and all those who he encountered. We are thankful that so many people were able to share in knowing and loving him. There were always loving arms ready to hold him and shower him with affection. And JJ gave love as freely as he received it. He came early so that he would have more time to spend with all of us.

Without his love, we wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of losing him. But we know he walks with God, and that he will always be with us, as we will always be with him. This is a time of sorrow, but memories of JJ will always make our hearts smile.

We love and miss you, sweet boy.


31 thoughts on “Final Goodbye

  1. Dear Jerry,
    Please know my heart and prayers are with you both.
    If there is something I can do, you need but ask.

  2. “But we know he walks with God, and that he will always be with us, as we will always be with him.”

    Couldn’t have said it any better, Jerry.

    Bill F.

  3. That’s pure love right there staring back at us.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

    Lean on the Lord brother.

  4. Jerry, you and I are around the same age and sometimes I day dream of starting a lil family like yours, we’re somewhat alike….I feel great sorrow for your loss

    God be with you brother.

  5. Jerry and family,
    Words are not enough, but my thoughts are prayers go out to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us through this site. God Bless!

  6. so sorry to hear of your tragic loss we the members of cigrzilla send our prayers to you and your family in this time of great loss , your botls are here for you , please accept our condolences

  7. That’s a wonderful speech that so well defines the love you share with JJ. Once again, Jerry and Michelle, so sorry for your loss, but your strength and love in this are inspiring.

  8. Thank you for sharing the photo and the speech. You are such a sharing person, even in this difficult time. I am honored to know you and my prayers are with you and your whole family through this difficult time.


  9. Jerry and Michelle,

    My heart dropped when I heard about this news from Jon. I am extremely sad to hear this. My deepest condolences go out to you and Michelle. I can’t begin to image the pain you are going through. If you need anything just ask.
    Thanks for sharing the speech and the photo. I can image how hard that was to do.


  10. As a father, I was moved by how beautifully you expressed your feelings about your son. Trust your faith and family to help you through this tragedy. God bless you.

  11. I know it is way late to post on this matter but i felt i had to comment ,first of all my heart goes out to you and michelle secondly i am a father of 2 boys with one more on the way our first son was like any typical pregancy but with our second son he was born by c-section and looked as normal and healthy and our first son but after only 2 days out of the hospital he whould not keep any formula down it came right back up mintues after drinking it and became deathly ill and severly dehdrated ,we were suddenly plunged into a nightmare while the doctors tryed desperatly to get an iv started on him me and my wife sit back watching helplessly while our son was dieing ,finnaly they got him stabilized enough to transport him by life flight to OU childrens hospital , as they flew away i dropped to my knees crying and begging god not to take him , i finnaly pulled myself together enough to drive the 100 miles to OKC and when we got there learned that our son dillon had taken a turn for the worse and his vital organs had started to shut down and all we chould do is wait and pray he made it till the next day ,so that is what we did we prayed and held each other that night ,all our friends and family from all over started a prayer chain that night and the next morning we came into his room to find our son not only still alive but the doctors told us his condition had improved dramaticaly his kidneys were back to 70 % function of what they were and all the brain scans and heart monitoring they did showed no abnormalitys what so ever, all that saw my son come in that night never thought he whould live to see morning and called his dramatic turn around simply a miracle , we will be celebrating his 2nd birth day soon and why i wrote this is to let you know i never really believed in god till that day but now i know there is a god and sometimes we cant understand why bad things happen in life to the best of people but i know your son is sitting on jesus’s lap smiling down at you and your wife and that one day you will see him again. I know i dont know you or your wife but after reading this post about your son i felt compeled to tell you my story from one father to another that knows some of the pain you and your wife have been threw .
    God bless you both …….. Tom

  12. It’s never ‘way late’ to show some love to Jerry. I’m sure everyone can appreciate the gesture and be glad it worked out for your son.

  13. I have, just yesterday, lost a close friend of mine. Reading this reminded me of the good and not to dwell on the sorrow even though its so strongly there. Your words are so precious to me. I am so sorry for your loss. god bless you both

  14. Jerry I’m not a cigar smoker but I stumbled upon this post while I was researching SIDS. Sadly you and I are part of the same tragic club. I recently loss my 3 month old son Alexander.

    I wanted to express how much this post has helped me. There are numerous times during the day when I feel like I’m ready to fall to pieces. I come to this post and read over and over again the line about how your son only knew love. For whatever reason, that calms me.

    Thank you for giving this father some relief and guidance.

  15. I also have lost my daughter to SUDC, she was 14 months old. It has been great to meet you over the net Jerry. I wish this club we are in never existed but we have to cope day in and day out. Hang in the bro and know that I am always here to talk.

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