Punch Rare Corojo (Guest Review)

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Punch Rare Corojo (Guest Review)

This time around, JB and Ace from our Fan Forums wrote up some nice reviews on the Punch Rare Corojo and Cacique Miami.

Check them out

Writen by JB:

Punch Rare Corojo
Rothschild 4.5X50 box press
Price ~$2.50-3.00
The following stats are stolen from Walt’s official review:
Origin: Cafradia, Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua

I’ve been smoking a few of these lately and have come to really enjoy them. Before you go to smoke anything, this one is a real eye catcher just sitting in the old humidor. It has the signature red and gold Punch band with a second red and gold band 1/4 inch below signifying that it is a Rare Corojo. The second thing that sticks out is the beautiful brown and reddish tiger striped wrapper. This is one of the most beautiful wrappers I can think of. There is a nice marbleizing effect across the entire cigar that gives it a classy elegant look. It is more pronounced in some than in others, but is a great look either way, pictures just don’t do it justice. The box press is nice and square from head to foot, and rounds out at the cap just enough so that it is easy to smoke without making you feel like you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

The cap cuts away nicely opening up a great draw, not too firm and not too loose. Even Goldie Locks would be pleased here. Using just three matches I get a perfect light without ever bringing the cigar to my mouth. The initial tastes are nice and smooth and pick up a nice Honduran spice 2-3 puffs in. The flavors build over the course of the first third giving a nice clear as a bell Honduran sweet spice. There is actually a lot going on here in terms of flavor with a nice smooth cedar background taste providing support for a great sharp flavor somewhere between citrus and a pine tree. There is a light spice left on the tongue for a second or two as you exhale.

The second third mellows out letting that cedar flavor shine. You can miss it if you aren’t paying attention. As it gets time to remove the lower band the strength starts to build a little above the medium point as do the flavors. I have had problems with a couple of these turning a little sour at this point, but not so much that you want to put it down. The flavors stay pretty consistant from this point forward with that citrus pine Honduran taste taking the lead. They stay nice and smooth down to a nub, I just don’t want to put it down.

The burn is exemplary in these, the burn line looks like you tied a string around the cigar, and it never showed any signs of going out. It burned nice and even all the way down. The ash is also rock solid and hangs on for well over an inch and isn’t flaky at all. The only thing I would caution against would be smoking too fast. I could see this one turning bitter and harsh if pushed too hard. It will last you fourty-five minutes on the fast side and an hour fifteen down to a nub.

All in all I think that this is a great smoke, and a good change of pace from a lot of other cigars. It can be as complex as you want it to be if you give it the time, but isn’t too much so it can also be a great accompaniment for the drive home. It is also great for when you want to grab something that you know won’t give you any burning, ashing, and drawing problems.

The Rothschild size is sold in boxes of 50 and can be found for less than $125 bringing the final price point to the $2.30-2.40 range. A great bargain.

I clearly recommend this one and will be smoking more soon.

My follow up afterthought drink pairing would be a strong hoppy India Pale Ale such as a Brooklyn IPA, Stone IPA, or a Sierra Nevada. I think a sweet bourbon would probably work well too.

Written by Ace:

The Cigar: El Cacique Miami Robusto
Size: 5. 52
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Cost: Can’t find a source, reputed to be inexpensive

Pre-light: I know I’m never going to get one of these reviews on the main page
if I keep forgetting the pre-light inspection, but, well, I forgot.

Cut: Credo scissors
Light: Total toasting with Culinary Torch
Post-light draw: nice and free

First third: (at least I’m doing this, OK?)

Gets your attention right away with spice and pepper and you can
swear it is whispering “Pepin” in your ear. I have no idea whether
DPG is involved in this cigar. This cigar starts off as a somewhat
lighter and sweeter version of the DPG Blue Label. The blast of
pepper subsides and leaves an almost “bready” Blue Label

Second third:

Arrives quickly not because the cigar burns quickly but because
I can’t put it down. Two inches of its five are gone in 30 minutes
but I’m loving life. This is looking to be a great candidate for a
short smoke. The flavors are becoming milder in the second third.

Third third:

Things continue to mellow out, the peppery start has dissipated,
but the memories linger on. There are some mild nutty flavors,
that lingering breadiness, as the body stays in the medium range.
Burn has been perfect throughout the smoke, no touch-ups at all
required, but I am having difficulty leaving it alone.


Just a nice smoke for an afternoon. The wonderful burn and the
flavors that keep you coming back make this a quick smoke, but
an enjoyable one. A very well-mannered cigar with a beautiful ash,
great burn, and no harshness. The initial blast of pepper is great
fun. It smokes like a DPG Blue Label Lite. If it is priced “lite”, and
I was unable to find out, it’s worth considering.

Length of smoke: one hour, one nice hour.
Buy it: If I could find it.
Recommend it: Yes. If you like DPG but find them strong, this is your cigar.

enjoying cigars since 2005

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  1. The El Cacique Miami is made by Tabacalera Tropical. They mostly sell their cigars via Brick & Mortar Stores so they can be tricky to find. They are a pretty good smoke though. The store I typically shop at carries them in their humidor but not on their website.

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