Dona Flor (Guest Review)

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Dona Flor (Guest Review)

Not too long ago I got to trading emails with Tom Adcock, one of our regular visitors, and we got to talking about a guest video review. He told me that he had a good friend named Ed Nazarewho own and operates St Pete Pipe and Cigar down in St Petersburg Florida.

After hearing so many interesting things about Ed and his shop I thought it would be a great idea to have him put together a guest video for the site. After watching the video I am excited to see what Ed and Tom can put together for our viewers next. This was their first video and I think they did a very nice job.

So without any further ado, here is Ed Nazare and Tom Adcock in their first video featuring the Dona Flor.

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23 thoughts on “Dona Flor (Guest Review)

  1. Great review guys! I’m going to definately hunt down the
    Dona Flor at my B & M in my area. Hope to see more of you guys.

  2. Thanks Walt and BJ for the kind words. Sorry for my poor audio. Perhaps better mic placment will help next time. Plus I can’t compete with Ed’s powerful voice 😉

    BJ – You can probably find them since they are starting to become avail. at more shops and maybe even online somewhere.


  3. Tom & Ed, great review! So good, in fact, I did a quick search online to make a 5 pack purchase and it turns out that the Dona Flor is a hard cigar to find. The cigar that you were smoking I couldn’t find at all. You guys should anticipate a few extra orders on this brand & you may want to update your website for online purchases! Thanks again & I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

  4. That was a great review! I am looking foward to seeing what you produce next. That Dona Flor is a good cigar also. I only should have picked up more while in Florida last time. If Ed updates the site to allow online orders Ill purchase some more from him.

  5. Exalent Reveiw there T & E. I look forwards to more. I love reviews of smoke I normaly walk past in shops. Might I also add that Dona FLor needs to update his webpage…. or get one.

  6. Great review. I will be on the hunt for the Dona Flor. I dug the music too. Hope to see more reviews from you.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. A talent like Ed should be shared on the internet. The guy knows his stuff.

    Initially I wanted to have Ed do a solo review, since he is the expert and I’m literally just a smoker of cigars. But somehow I ended up being a noob on film. Luckily he bailed me out!

  8. Maybe it’s me….but on Firefox the video displays incorrectly. I can only see the top of someone’s head. It works in full screen mode though.

  9. Video worked great here. Good review guys. And Tom, you did a great job and should continue to do them with Ed.

  10. Excellent review guys. Sorry I missed a good smoke at the filming. I’ll have to make sure I show up to the next one so I can personally see the Cigar Legends in the making 😉

  11. Great review. Wow, Ed has some palate. I’m envious. My palate is mediocre on a good day. Nice cigar shop 🙂


  12. Wow, this was a great surprise! I enjoyed the whole video, and I’m glad you selected a cigar that we don’t hear about every day. I’ve also been looking for a good Brazilian cigar to try out and so I will definitely give this one a smoke as soon as I can find one. I hope to see more reviews from you guys!

  13. Tom and Ed, you guys were great. I hope to see you regularly here on SR. You guys have a nice on camera chemistry. Nice review.

  14. Thanks again everyone. In all honesty, I am simply providing the camera and splicing the video together, but Ed has the brains and cigar experience as you can see. I think the video shows that I’m no expert, and Ed compensates for that big time. He was instrumental in my introduction to cigars, and knowing a guy like that is a constant learning experience.

  15. One last note. Some of you showed interest in wanting to try some of these. There is a shop locater on Dona Flor’s website . Hopefully they can point you to a dealer in your area. If not, call Ed directly, he can guide you no problem.


  16. Great review guys!! These reviews really show the relaxing nature of smoking great cigars. I will surely try the Dona Flor and based on your review, I am really looking forward to it. Also looking forward to more reviews from you guys. Nice work.

  17. So I’m a bit late to the party (been playing catch up). Tom and Ed you guys did great! I don’t know Ed but I love him. SR was always missing the elderly statesman type.

    Great video, great review and most of all, I loved the fact that you guys used a v-cut…

  18. Hello Tom and Ed,

    I greatly enjoyed both reviews of the Dona Flor and the Selecao Robusto you guys did, but I’ve been wondering: what is the difference between the regular Dona Flor Robusto and the Selecao version? I can’t find the answer at the manufacturer’s website… Could you help me out!

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