Canimao (Guest Review)

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Canimao (Guest Review)

I don’t know for sure, but right about now I imagine Brian is kicking back with his feet up puffing away on an Arganese Cigar. For those of you that didn’t know, Gene Arganese was very kind and offered to house a few members of Cigar Live for a factory tour. Not only did Gene give these fine folks a place to stay, he offered them a room in his very own home.

For the last couple of days Brian has been given a wonderful opportunity to stay in the Dominican Republic and see just how a Cigar Factory operates on a day to day basis. While Brian is away Tom Adcock and Ed Nazare were kind enough to produce another fine review to keep you all entertained.

Just as before, I think Tom and Ed did a very nice job with this cigar. Check it out…

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11 thoughts on “Canimao (Guest Review)

  1. Thanks guys. As I’ve said before, Ed is quite the man and runs a nice shop.

    Smoking with him is a learning experience. For example, toward the beginning of the video, watch his method of tasting the cigar, pre light draw, then smoke. With his method he is able to get every flavor the smoke has. I am always asking him to help me in this area, since it does take practice and explanation to get it right.

  2. Just thought I’d share this email from Mel Gonzalez. Clearly a cool guy who takes pride in his product and nice enough to write me after watching the review. Sure, his english is a little broken, but he get’s the point across. He seems like a class act.

    Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 01:06:14 +0000

    hi, tom , thanks one more time, i saw the video and i going to promise you, canimao it will be better in the future.i do this for passion and pride, i am a cigars lovers, and i love what i do.thanks for you support.mel gonzalez.

  3. Great review gentlemen. When I heard how it was made, it sounded GREAT!!! Man, got to love a Sumatra wrapper around Nicaraguan tobacco. Wow. I was surprised to hear it being so creamy and that’s a plus in my book. Mellows out some of the peppery blasts you might have gotten otherwise.


  4. Thanks again guys. Dave – I don’t smoke a lot of these, but I do reach for one every now and then. These day’s I’ve been gravitating to peppery/spicy smokes (nothing over the top though). So this fits the bill, being a nice, smooth, simple smoke with no big suprises.


  5. Joe,

    Between taping segments, we step outside so we don’t smoke up the shop/humidor (it’s a small store). I try to mention the weather conditions since it can play a big part in how the smoke burns. The Canimao review was especially difficult because of strong winds and a looming tornado watch.


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