Rocky Patel Edge (Guest Review)

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Rocky Patel Edge (Guest Review)

Our Guest Review this week was provided by Ace, one of our Fan Forum regulars. The review features the Rocky Patel Edge and may be a little different that you are be used to, take a look.

Sometimes you have these thoughts when you look through your stash,
Like “I’m never smoking these” and “These should be in the trash”.
Then you come upon some sticks you haven’t had for a while,
maybe you tired of them or they went out of style.

Whatever you think of them, they never seem to get selected
because right next to them there’s something you’ve detected
that’s more trendy, more attractive, more costly or more full,
so that sways your decision and that’s the stick that you pull.

Thus the old favorite that has helped you pass many a day,
is forsaken, ignored, and pushed out of the way.
I determined to break that habit today and decide without hedge,
to smoke and then review in verse a Rocky Patel Edge.

These come in several different wrappers, this one a Corojo,
This one measures 6 inches long, and 52 ring, a Toro.
Pre-light inspection is a big deal with these reviewing guys,
but I find it almost irrelevant to me, especially flavor-wise.

But I’ll do it if I must and I’ll proceed with it at this stage,
mainly because without it I have no shot at the SR front page.
Veins aren’t a problem, it’s firm, nicely capped and light brown,
with that out of the way, Palio, Culinary Torch, and I go to town.

The first third reminds me why I liked these so much,
with a nice firm ash, thin burn line, and no need to retouch.
The flavors are varied and full, not at all over the top,
even though the PR said if you’re not sitting you must stop.

There was a band at the foot, maybe to make sure it’s not a fake,
although Rocky, in his wisdom, his own Counterfeit does make.
As I launch into the second third, I can see Rocky is clever,
not only does this smoke great but it goes on forever.

I’m almost to an hour on this and have more than half to go.
This stick could outlast a movie, a long play, or a show.
Maybe Rocky’s claim on this cigar is in a way fitting,
because it takes so long, you might as well be sitting.

The third third arrives as it eventually will,
and I’m still puffing along, enjoying it still
And I’m marveling at how nicely this cigar has done,
for there were no negatives or problems, only fun.

A full two hours and twenty minutes from starting, I lay it to rest,
thinking “Soldier, good and true, you have just passed your test”.
Never again will I forsake you, ol’ Edge, and pass you on by,
just to give some debatable, newly-purchased stick a try.

It is time to sum up, then, and give a final impression.
As a great medium smoke this Edge is the ultimate expression.
Know that when you light it, it will be a while before you’re done.
In conclusion, on the Ace Binary Scale, we have another 1.

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5 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Edge (Guest Review)

  1. Fantastic review and I appreciate the variety. I would like to compliment you gentlemen on Stogie Review. You provide an ever improving variety of cigar related information and reviews. I really enjoy the variety and content you’ve added.


  2. Whatever happened to the Edge Corojo? They weighed in at
    around 6 x 54 and came naked in big wooden boxes. Jesus, I think
    there were 200 to a box. Anyway, I used to grab a fistful of these
    babies whenever I was in Dallas. Nobody blends a cigar like Patel.
    Not for the faint of heart, but you know you’ve had an experience
    after finishing one.

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