Rocky Patel Edge Lite (Guest Review)

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Rocky Patel Edge Lite (Guest Review)

After being featured in Guest Review #3, Bryan joins us once again for a review of the Rocky Patel Edge Lite.

Rocky Patel Edge Lite Toro

I’m a big fan of the RP Edge line. Particularly the Maduro. But I also like a lite, soft smoke every now and then. So when I first heard about the Edge Lite, I knew I had to get my hands on some. I ordered a 5 pack from and was treated very well. I actually received more than I paid for. My first thought was, a mistake had been made. But then I read more about what some others have said about and found out it was no mistake at all. Extra sticks were sent on purpose.

Really all you need to know about this cigar is said on the band. Well, actually it doesn’t say all of it on the band because the only thing on the band is “Rocky Patel Lite”. So, what you need to know is, this is a Lite Edge. Like a Lite Beer. Except this cigar holds more characteristics and flavor from is predecessor than the Lite Beer does from its. It smoked just as well as the real thing. The smoke was nice and full, not quite as heavy as I like it, but it was more full than some other lite bodied smokes.

If you like the Edge, and enjoy a Lite smoke every now and then, this will be something you will want to pick up. If you like the Edge and don’t need it to be lighter (like ace), then you will not need to waste your money. Although, the price is not bad at all. About $5 each, retail.

Throughout the wrapper I noticed a couple places of imperfection. The wrapper had begun to crumble in the final third, and right before the burn line reached the beginning of the final third another place actually cracked open. The burn went through it quite well and had no problems correcting itself in any situation. One thing I wanted to say about the burn; it was quite amazing. Watching it go . . . the line was so defined, it appeared as if the wrapper itself were just slowly melting. The burn line can totally ruin a cigar experience for me. I hate a burn line that doesn’t stay even on all sides.

So anyways, the first and second third were great, tasted just like I was smoking a Lighter version of the Edge. But when I reached the final third, something strange happened. I’m not one that can easily decipher flavors that derive from any one cigar experience. This flavor however, was unmistakable. I could taste finger nail polish remover. It was so odd. I had never encountered a flavor even similar to that in any of my cigar experiences.

Though that final third was not something I enjoyed, I will still be giving this stick another try to see if that flavor is duplicated. I still think it is a great smoke for a change of pace, and the price is not bad at all.

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6 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Edge Lite (Guest Review)

  1. Every now and then I enjoy one of these in the morning with a cup of coffee. I never had the flavors you had in the last 3rd though. Hopefully you just had a bad stick.

  2. I just got finished smoking one of these. I usually smoke a darker, richer cigar but this was one amazing cigar. The burn like you said was perfect. I too am really picky about having an even burn. It was wrapped very well to the point where the ash held on for fear of falling off. The draw was perfect, very easy but not overwhelming. Had it with some jack daniels and it was even better. I will definitely be adding this one to my list of favorites.

  3. Tried my first RP Edge Lite today and had a very pleasant experience. Like others have said, I was amazed at how well this stick burned. Razor sharp straight line all the way to the end. Ash held together for more than two inches even as I paced around talking to a buddy. The flavor was solid but not overpowering and the smoke was creamy and thick. I look forward to giving the RP Edge Lite another go.

  4. I had a chance to smoke RP Edge Lite a week ago and unfortunately the overall impression it left was not pleasant. At the beginning there wasn’t much taste and it was more like smoking water vapor but that’s understandable some 0.5 inch into a smoke. Then flavor started to pickup and smoke became thick and creamy. No spicy notes, just smooth and mellow smoke like I expected; very nice. Second third was probably as good and as I started smoking the last third of the stick cigar went off. I reignited but taste just wasn’t the same anymore. I checked wrapper was lit evenly and it definitely was but the taste was resembling a situation when only a filler is burning giving the smoke particularly bitter taste. As I took few more puffs it only became worse and I had to discard the rest of the stick.
    I was willing to give it another shot in the future but after reading above review I’m extremely skeptic. Obviously something similar happened to Brian so my call would be that there is some flaw in construction of this cigar. It may not come up all the time and perhaps only some sticks are prone to it but something is just not right. Too bad because it could be a very good smoke but unfortunately seems to be unreliable.

  5. I am literally smoking a Rocky Patel the edge late as I write this review and just wanted to point out that though I am enjoying the cigar, I can definitely taste the finger nail polish remover the first review specifically mentioned . In the past,another cigars that I’ve smoked of different brands I noticed a similar taste in some cigars that I would compare to the taste I am tasting now, I have no idea what could give off that flavor profile

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