Padilla Edicion Especial 2006 (Obsidian)

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Padilla Edicion Especial 2006 (Obsidian)

Padilla Obsidian - 2Brand: Padilla Edicion Especial (Obsidian)
Vitola: Belicoso
Length: 6.00
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran Blend
County of Origin: Nicaragua
Price Per Bundle: $99.95

In 2006 Padilla released variety of Edicion Especial Cigars. Included were the Corojo wrapped Archilles, Connecticut wrapped en Cedro, and the Maduro Ligero wrapped Obsidian.

At the time of release the Obsidian was only available as a Toro and in limited quantities. Approximately 50,000 cigars were planned for production before the brand was to be discontinued.

In 2007 Cigars International picked up the blend and is now the primary retailer of this cigar. These can easily be found, still branded “Edicion Especial 2006” on both the Retail CI page and on the infamous CigarBid (I say infamous because you will quickly learn how addictive it can become). Since being picked up by CI the cigar is now only available in a Belicoso shape measuring 6.00 inches long with a 54 ring gauge.

Pre Light:
Padilla Obsidian - 3
Once removed from the cellophane sleeve I began to look over my Padilla Obsidian. The wrapper was dark brown in color and riddled in thin black veins. When held up to the light the wrapper produced an oily sheen that was mildly blotchy.

As I handled the cigar I found the texture to be sandy with an occasional lump. When gently pinched, the tobacco felt firm and easily sprung back into shape. After a quick clip I found the draw to be free with little resistance.

First Third:
Padilla Obsidian - 4
Right from the start the Obsidian kicks things off in the Medium to Full Bodied range with a finish that is a little edgy. When the smoke is passed through the sinus cavity I get a minor stinging sensation as well as nice black pepper aroma. The base flavor comes across as a hearty Nicaraguan Tobacco with a black pepper aftertaste.

The burn line is a little off at this point but seems as though it will come around as I smoke along. The burn rate is about average while the ash is light in color and compacted.

Second Third:
Padilla Obsidian - 5
As I smoked deeper into my Padilla Obsidian I found that the body doesn’t take much time to climb into the full range. The finish becomes less and less edgy as I smoke along and becomes smoother on the palate and sinuses.

As I finished up the first third I was noticing a mild, almost watered down, sort of bitterness that seemed to be missing something. Now that I am into the second third this mild bitterness is developing a lot of depth and is now much more enjoyable. The base flavor remains a hearty Nicaraguan tobacco flavor with a black pepper aftertaste.

The slight uneven burn I was experiencing earlier corrected itself along the way then went back to being uneven and jagged looking. The burn line was thin and produced a flaky and crumbly ash that was a little disappointing. The draw remained free and continued to produce a generous amount of smoke that was dense and easily passed through the sinuses and lingered around the room.

Final Third:
Padilla Obsidian - 6
As my Padilla Obsidian winds down and I am finding that the stick doesn’t hold anything back in terms of body. The deeper I smoke into the cigar the fuller the body is becoming. It finally peaks in the Full range and produces a thick finish that becomes a little edgy towards the end. The base flavor remains that of hearty Nicaraguan Tobacco while the black pepper aftertaste slowly fades and is replaced by a rich bitter flavor. The new combination of texture and flavor is enjoyable and easy to pick out due to its full flavors.

The ash went back and forth from being compacted to flaky with some minor flowering at times. When the burn was “off” it really showed and when it was “on” again it looked great. The burn line was thin and burned at a nice slow pace.

The draw remained free with little resistance and produced a generous amount of thick, dense smoke which remained cool.

My Thoughts:
All in all, I think that the cigar starts off a little rough around the edges and comes into its own as it turns to ash. By the time I hit the end of the smoke I was happy with the rich flavors that were being produced. This isn’t a cigar that I would consider for earlier on in the day but goes well later in the evening after a heavy meal.

With these smokes being so easily obtained on CigarBid for just a few dollars per stick, I think that this is something definitely worth trying. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the 2006 branding on the band as it seems that these are being produced in large quantities long after the discontinuation in 2006.

Happy Smoking

enjoying cigars since 2005

16 thoughts on “Padilla Edicion Especial 2006 (Obsidian)

  1. Nice review Walt. These are one of my go to sticks. An absolutely fantastic cigar for the money. I like to put a bundle away for a couple months before smoking them, really smooths them out and improves the flavor.

  2. Hey Walt,
    Good review. I like these as well, the burn and ash being the only problems i have had. With my slow pace it usually takes a few touchups to get to the end, but nothing too bad. I think that watered down bitterness that you experienced is what others have described as an olive or artichoke flavor. I also find these to be a little interesting in that it is full bodied, but has a medium flavor profile for the most part in my opinion, dipping into the full from time to time. For the $3 or less you can get them for they are worth it.

  3. Hey Walt,
    Great review. I haven’t had the opportunity to try these yet buy I’m going to try and get a hold of a few. I was just wondering if you put anything in your coffee when you drink it and smoke a cigar? I was thinking about picking up some of that black dog coffee. Thanx for listening and keep up the good work.

  4. Walt,
    Great review man! We had just talked about these sticks the other day and it was cool to hear what you thought. I may just have to visit CI to claim a bunch. Interestingly enough, CI is having a “Sweepstakes” for a bundle of 20 Padilla Obisidians today. When you first go to the site, a flash popup shows the entry.


  5. Thanks for the review, Walt. I thought you nailed it, including the burn and ash issues. The flavors work well enough, especially at the price at which these can be obtained, for me to just deal with those problems as I smoke them. Again, nice job.

  6. One more thing: That ‘Archilles’ you’re looking for is actually an ‘Achilles’. CI was giving them away as freebies for a while but that may have stopped.

  7. JB,
    That very well could be. The first thing that sprung to mind when i tasted the bitterness were Stoudt and Porter type flavors.

    I don’t put anything in my Coffee, just drink it black. I drink Tea the same way most of the time. On occasion I’ll add some honey but thats about it.

    The natural flavors of the Coffee & Tea tend to bring out the flavors of the cigar more for me when there aren’t Cream & Sugar to get through.

    Glad you enjoyed the review. If you are going to pull the trigger on a bundle make sure to look into the deal of 20 Padilla Obsidians with 20 Free Padilla Hybris for about $100.00.

    Thanks again for the smokes. Just as you said, the flavors and price point make the burn and ash problem very easy to ignore.

  8. Nice review Walt. Ever since Ace recommended these to me, they have been one of my favorites. Just like JB said, that bitter taste that you described kind of reminds me of olives. It is different which makes for an interesting smoke. You can find these on C-bid for $50 or less if your careful and patient.

  9. These are great if left to age for a couple months. I think they are a little wet from CI and the time helps correct the burn.

  10. I just smoked this Friday night and I really enjoyed the smoke. From the pictures you took, that is exactly how my cigar looked. I did get a little flaking, but it wasn’t noticeable.

    This is a great cigar for late in the evening with a more robust wine such as a Burgundy.

  11. Greets Walt,
    I had a chance to smoke one of these yesterday I was gifted by a very generous BOTL. It started off with a blast of pepper through the nose, and while there were moments of potential greatness, it never materialized into a true winner for me. The ash split from the get-go and never got much better. I had some burn issues requring attention, and by midway, there was some pronounced bitterness (and not a nice green olive bitterness). Musta’ gotten a bad one 🙁

  12. I just had my first one today. It had been resting in the Humi for about 2 weeks. I guess it needed alot longer. It started out very nice. Great flavor profile and a decent burn through the 1st third. Thats when the trouble started. Flaking, bitter, the core was burning much faster than the binder and wrapper. It even went out a couple times. Once It reached the final third these things started to correct themselves but boy what a lot of work to keep her going. I have another one, I think I will let it sit for a couple of months this time.

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed what I call our value line Obsidian. If you want to step up to a real premium version of our cigars then don’t miss our Padilla Miami rated 94 and our 1932 rated 93 we also have a nice value line coming out august 09 called Padilla Cazadores at about 5 dollars and a super-premium called Padilla Dominus. do it!


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