Padron Annivarsary 1926 Maduro #9 (Guest Review)

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Padron Annivarsary 1926 Maduro #9 (Guest Review)

Congratulations to our Cigar Dossier contest winner, Ratters, one of our Fan Forum regulars.

Ratters, if you would kindly email or PM me your shipping information I’ll pass that along to Mark Neff so that you prize can be on its way.

The review that was chosen at random was of the Padron Anniversary 1926 Maduro #9. Take a look a what ratters had to say about this smoke.

Cigar: Padron Annivarsary 1926 Maduro #9

Vitola: 5.25×56 box pressed.
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua

Price: Free, thanks to a very generous BOTL Clint from Canada. Online they seem to go for around $20-30 a pop or around $430 a box of 24.

Setting: Sitting in the sun room, about 50 degrees out. Having a root beer and listing to the Stogie Fresh show.

Pre-light: The cigar has a nice chocolate brown oily wrapper in a rectangular box press shape. It is very firmly packed and has some medium veins going down the sides, the cigar band is nice and loose. The cigar has a very strong barnyard smell to it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cigar that had this much smell to it. Cut with the Palio and the draw was nice and free, with a nice clean tobacco taste to it. First impression is that this is a VERY well made cigar.

First third: Wow, lots of smoke and flavor right off the bat. Very smooth and rich tastes of coffee and cocoa. No spice or pepper to speak of. Ash is firm and zebra striped. Burn has a large wave to it but I think that was cause I messed up lighting it. Burn rate actually seems pretty fast. The taste for the first third continues to be very rich though the finish is pretty light and short but very pleasant.

Second third: Well, the burn rate continues to be pretty fast, and I’m a slow smoker. Ash continues to be firm, I knocked it off with some effort at the two inch in mark. But I was greeted with a beautiful glowing cherry when I did. It is medium to full bodied, producing great clouds creamy white smoke. Kinda reminded me of the Camacho Triple Maduro in that way, though the smoke this produces is a tad lighter feeling in the mouth and doesn’t leave the heavy aftertaste. But this is a great smoke ring machine. Still not feeling any pepper or spice in the smoke, just the great rich coffee/cocoa flavors. At about the half way mark I did give the wrapper a touch up to try and get rid of the wave that continued from the beginning.

Final third: The wave returned but I’m just gonna let it go. Flavor and body continue to be full, though not neccissarily strong. When it came time to take off the band I was surprised by the double band and that it had it’s own serial number. The finish is getting a bit stronger leaving a very pleasant taste in the mouth. Burn rate continues to be faster than I’m used to, as I’m normally a very slow smoker with most robustos taking me almost two hours, but I’m not even an hour in and I’m already to the inch and a half mark. Maybe it’s just so good I’m smoking a bit faster than normal. Smiley I’m starting to pick up some very earthy flavors as well as a bit of spice as I get to the end. Very nice. As it got to the nub it got very hot but stayed lit during the long pauses I gave it to cool. But as it burned my fingers I had to drop it in the Stinky. I really wish I wasn’t out of toothpics.

Final thoughts: Wow, what a great cigar. I see why people pay the money for it. Sadly it’s way out of my price range. Big thanks to Clint in Canada for gifting it to me. It was so full of flavor but so smooth at the same time. I tend to like a bit of spice and pepper in my cigars, though this one was so tasty I really didn’t miss it.

Smoke again: Hells yes, if someone gives me another.
Buy again: No, though I didn’t buy this one. Just too far out of my price range.
Recommend: Yes, an amazingly tasty smoke.

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