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Jameson Cigar Company – Torpedo

Jameson Torpedo - Photo Credit: Lisa of Her HumidorIt must really be true that size really does matter when it comes to cigars. I found that out today when I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the Jameson torpedo. When I reviewed the robusto size of this cigar I found it to taste ‘meaty’ and ‘savory’ and lacking in sweetness. The torpedo on the otherhand was very agreeable. It started off with charred wood flavors and quickly rounded off to a nice creamy and nutty flavor. I even detected sweet floral notes like that of rose petals. The finish progressed well as you smoked to a generous and balanced helping of aged leather and cedar.

The downside of this cigar was in it’s construction. There were some soft spots that I didn’t find with the robusto. The area near the head of the cigar was very soft and mushy which was a real turn off, especially as the burn line got closer to it. The cigar has a very ‘rustic’ look to it. I wouldn’t call ‘rustic’ a fault but the wrapper did look sloppy with some minor wrinkles here and there. There was also a slight crack in the wrapper near the band which began lifting at the half way point. The wrapper is an earthy brown color with lots of medium veins throughout and a ‘toothiness’ that looked like an teenager’s worse nightmare- lots of tiny blackheads all over the cigar. The texture feels like fine grain sandpaper. But despite it’s visual shortcomings, the cigar burned well. The burn line was sharp and even and the ash firm and light gray in color.

This cigar costs $25.50 for 5 or $115 for a box of 25 at the Jameson cigar website. Hopefully this new cigar company will improve the quality of it’s cigars. There seems to be some inconsistencies in flavor and construction. Nevertheless, I liked the taste of the torpedo with it’s subtle floral notes and creaminess. They definitely have a great tasting product they could build on.

Review written by Lisa of www.HerHumidor.com as a follow up to her Jameson Cigar Company Robusto Review.

Photo Credit: Lisa of Her Humidor

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2 thoughts on “Jameson Cigar Company – Torpedo

  1. I sampled the torpedo and was not too impressed with either the taste or its physical properties. The draw was entirely too loose and it burned fast and hot. The taste was rather paperlike and the aroma was of wet cardboard. Overall a big disappointment.

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