Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

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Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

Rocky Patel - The Edge Sumatra - 1Brand: Rocky Patel
Vitola: Toro
Length: 6.00
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Panama
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Price: $5.00

The Edge Sumatra is a product of the famed Rocky Patel and the very well know Nestor Plasencia as a limited production cigar.

The Edge is advertised as “Full Full Full” in terms of body. and is aimed at “professional smokers only” sporting a warning label on the box. The components include a Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan Binder, and filler comprised of tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama.

While difficult to find, the cigar has a reasonable price point around the $5.00 per single range, or $400.00 per tray of one hundred. The line, as it seems, is made up of two vitolas which include a Toro (52 x 6.00) and a Torpedo (52 x 6.00)

Pre Light:
Rocky Patel - The Edge Sumatra - 2
The first thing that stands out on the Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra is the bright red band at the foot. The text and logo are both small and make the band appear simple and classy. Upon closer inspection I found the wrapper leaf to be the shade or caramel with dark veins running from head to foot. The veins felt flat when handled but stood out to the eye due to the color variation between them and the wrapper leaf.

When handled I found the texture to be smooth with minor lumps from the veins. When pinched the cigar felt firm and evenly packed with tobacco from head to foot. After a quick and easy cut with a guillotine cutter, I had my cigar opened up and producing a good pre light draw.

First Third:
Rocky Patel - The Edge Sumatra - 3
After toasting and lighting I had my Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra evenly lit and producing a generous supply of thick smoke. Throughout the first third the body is firmly planted in the full range with a very thick and heavy finish. After expelling the smoke from my mouth I could feel the heft of the smoke for a few minutes before it began to fade.

The flavor is fairly dull at this point, it just tastes like a cigar (as odd as that may sound). I was unable to pick up any distinct flavors other than a natural tobacco sweetness. The strength of the cigar was about the only thing that stood out and demanded attention.

After developing for over an inch I found the ash to be dense and tightly compacted while being light in color. The burn line was thin and even while producing an average amount of resting smoke. The room aroma was heavy while not being offensive. The draw remained good with enough resistance to keep me from smoking too quickly.

Second Third:
Rocky Patel - The Edge Sumatra - 4
After around ninety minutes of puffing, I found myself into the second third of my RP Edge Sumatra. The body has remained in the full range and progressed steadily as I smoked deeper into the stick. The finish continues to be very thick and heavy on the palate. Just as before, a few minutes after expelling the smoke I could still feel the heaviness of it.

The flavors popped in the second third and became much more dynamic. The natural tobacco sweetness developed into a richer flavor while picking up sort of a mild acidic sweetness. The flavors contrasted each other well enough to spark my interest and keep me entertained.

The ash remained firm and light in color but was beginning to look a little ragged. When the ash was knocked into the ashtray it did not break cleanly and left bits and pieces in an unattractive fashion. The burn rate was excellent as seemed to be lasting much longer than I would have expected, while the burn line remained thin and even.

Final Third:
Rocky Patel - The Edge Sumatra - 5
After nearly two hours of smoking my RP Edge Sumatra I found myself into the final third. The body continued to build further into the full spectrum while maintaining a thick, heavy finish. At this point I was beginning to develop a headache which I would only attribute to the strength of the cigar and the nicotine packed within its leaves.

The flavor remained a rich natural tobacco flavor with secondary flavors of wood. The mild acidic sweetness remained and still did a nice job of contrasting the flavors of the smoke. The downside was that the deeper into the smoke I went, the harsher the cigar became. Initially it wasn’t bad but by the time I got down to abut an inch and a half it was time to lay it down in the ashtray.

The burning characteristics of the cigar remained the same. The ash was light in color while being firm and compacted. The burn rate was excellent and produced a thin and even burn line.

My Thoughts:
By the time I reached the end of this cigar I had developed the same opinion that I have with the other Edge varieties. That is, they start off all strength, develop nice flavor, then turn harsh before even getting close to being a nub in the ashtray.

If you like your cigars full then this may be just the one for you. I like my cigars full but this one just seemed to be all strength and lacked the finer points. Being someone that doesn’t typically care for Rocky Patel products, I’m not totally surprised that I didn’t care for this too much.

For those of you in the Rocky Patel fan club, I have no doubt you will enjoy this cigar much more so than I have.

Happy Smoking

enjoying cigars since 2005

21 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

  1. I think the headache you experienced may have come from the Nub cap you were wearing. It is a little known fact that the same people who roll the Nubs also make their hats. These guys are so worn out from fooling with short, large ring-gauge sticks that they tend to skimp on the cap size. Next time you get a cap, go up a quarter inch on the size and see if that doesn’t help. Nice review! I was thinking the Sumatra was medium at most. Maybe I need another palate transplant?

  2. Yeah, I’m with you ace. That is a great cigar, and I certainly didn’t get anything more than medium from the several I have smoked lately. Mine produced great flavors as well, it was never overpowered with strength.

  3. Walt,

    I’ve noticed the same thing about RPs ending harsh, well before the nub. My guess is the tobacco isn’t aged and fermented as well as it should before rolling. The only edge i’ve had that was smooth rested in my humi for a long while before I smoked it. For me, smoothness is a key attribute of a great cigar, i guess that’s why I love the Padron 64s and 26s, flavorful and super smooth!

  4. Adam,
    No, just wear it because I like it. Same reason I wear a Black Dog Coffee hat as well as a Punch hat (Although I worked in it too much and its a little beat up looking)

  5. Nice review Walt. La Aroma De Cubas do the same thing to me. I get a headache every time. The La Aroma De Cuba Minor is the only size of the line that I can smoke. I smoke a good number of full body cigars, but something about that cigar doesn’t agree with me.

  6. Nice review Walt. I get those acidy almost like lime flavors too when I smoke them. I like it because it adds a nice flavor to them.

  7. Had my first one of these a couple days ago and I must say I enjoyed it very much. No harshness at all. It’s been sitting in the humidor since before Christmas though.

  8. Walt, I feel the same way about the RP line up. However, I do like the sungrown and believe it or not the Fussion. But, thats about it. Everything else I have had is pretty much thumbs down in my book.

  9. How would you account for the differences between your review and the review Brian did earlier? Would you be inclined to chalk that up to stick differences or taste differences?

  10. Ace,
    I’m not sure. I didn’t read Brian’s review before doing my own, paired with several others didn’t think it was overly full bodied.

    I can;t think of anything that particular day that would have influenced the body. A few hours before smoking the Edge I had an Oliva Serie O which seemed normal to me.

    Looking back to Brian’s review, it appears I didn’t get nearly the variety of flavors that he did. Had the Serie O I smoked earlier on tasted different I would chalk it up to something being up with me but since it was fine, I’m not sure what to think.

    I have one more left that I’ll smoke to see if things match up better with everyone elses experiences.


  11. Walt,

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not championing this stick although I do like it. It’s also true that reviews can’t really be “objective” and don’t always have to agree. I just found this one surprising because I was predicting you might find the Sumatra a comparative “lightweight”. It’s burn characteristics border on perfect when I smoke them, and the body barely gets to medium. The flavors are more like what Brian described, perhaps citrusy and floral, almost perfumey at times, but never drowned out by the body. Still, sticks can vary.

  12. Enjoyed the review Walt! It be interesting to see what Jerry thinks of the smoke since he’s the RP fan of the site.

  13. I’ve had this cigar twice now. The first time, I didn’t think too much of it. But I had just smoked an Oliva Serie V Maduro and the draw from it was so smooth that when I had this edge, I felt like I was choking. It felt harsh. I just tried this cigar again having had bought two of them when I had never tried them before (stupid I know). The cigar was very agreeable. It had a smooth draw and perfect burn down to the end. It lasted so long that I finally put it down though I could have puffed away maybe another twenty minutes. I just didn’t have anything left in me. I would definitely consider giving this cigar another try. It had everything that I would need out of a good maduro and enough of what I want, that it was a very enjoyable smoke. Plus, you really can’t beat the price! Rocky Patel fans, as I am for the most part, should really enjoy this cigar. Just not after an Oliva V Maduro. That thing was laced with heroin I think.

  14. good review …. as for me i have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this one (besides the end) and i agree with bryan , theres definately something citrussy in there … that particular flavor started kind of like rose pedals and went to orange …..

    the strength was fine for me , strong , but i like it that way ….. got really dark and full at times , went very well with a glass of yuengling’s black and tan ……..I’ll Tell you that …

  15. I’ve only had one that I picked up by mistake thinking it was an Edge Maduro. I loved the draw and the burn, they were perfect. The body was medium with some great sweet and woody flavors. I think you just smoked a dud. This is a fine cigar that deserves praise for it’s construction and distinctive flavor and richness.

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