Rocky Patel Honduran Classic

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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic

Lets see if I can provide some relief for anyone who has a case of the “Mondays”. This week I bring you the Honduran Classic by Rocky Patel. The Honduran Classic is a smoke carried exclusively by Famous Smoke and is available in three different sizes both in a Natural Corojo and the Maduro wrapper that I am reviewing here.

Before I forget (like I did last week) I need to give props to my wife for taking the picture of the Honduran Classic. She’s got better skills than I do.

Video runs a little bit over 17 minutes and I share my opinion on some of the latest offerings by Rocky Patel as well as give a few shout outs. Enjoy folks!


12 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Honduran Classic

  1. Last week it was JR Cigars and this week its Rocky Patel! Your comments about Rocky really surprised me as you’re the big Rocky fan of the site. Maybe you just got a bad stick for the Decade?

  2. Nice review Jerry and your wife did a great job (both weeks) on the picture. I liked the way you did it last week where the image was also the video. The way it looks now, while not bad, looks strange having the same picture at the top and bottom.

    Did I hear you correctly that you will be reviewing all the RP’s that are only at Famous?

  3. I’m a huge RP whore. I love the decade, except the price. I haven’t tried a lot of the newer blends though (besides the decade).

    As always, a great & honest review by the man!

  4. Jerry,

    Great review! I would say you are really back in the wing of things.

    As for RP I find his cigars hit and miss for me. The 90 and 92 to be really nice smokes, but I have yet to enjoy a Edge Maduro, and for the Decade I tried a sample brought back to me from the last RTDA and I really enjoyed it, and there is a private label he did for a cigar shop in Chicago that was really nice except a weak ash.

    Anyways keep the great reviews coming.

  5. Hi Jerry:
    A fine review. I have not tried the Honduran Classic but I find that I agree with your assessment of Rocky’s recent releases. The Decade I tried last week started off nice but got funky pretty quickly. That being said, Rocky offers a number of well made, reasonably priced cigars. He has certainly worked to improve his brand.

  6. I guess the honeymoon is over…not so much comment love this week. 🙂

    I’m gonna have to give the Decade another try…but I don’t want people to think I’m bashing Rocky. I’m still a big Rocky fanboi whose just been disappointed. Like John said, Rocky makes a number of well made, reasonably priced cigars.

  7. Jerry another outstanding review! I just got done walking my two dogs and smoked a CAO Brazilia in the process. Now that is a nice cigar.

    Hey would like to send a shout out to your listeners that they could score a box or a five pack of the Rocky cigar you just reviewed on the Famous Cigar Auction at a cheaper price then what is posted. Keep in mind that you bid on cigars here so I should say “You might be able to get them cheaper” then what is listed. Any ways I do not work for Famous or endorse them in anyway but I love a bargain when I see one and love to share the info with others.

    Once again, Jerry great job and I am so glad you are back.


  8. Jerry,

    Thanks for your comments and mentioning my site. Most of all, I’m glad you’re back. I check out 26 cigar sites every two weeks so some things get a little old, but I always look forward tuning in to your reviews with your positive attitude, high energy, and unique perspectives. Without a doubt, The Stogie Review is one of the top cigar sites.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. I purchased a couple of these last spring thinking they actually had Honduran tobacco in them. Mostly, it seems, they contain Nicaraguan crap tobacco with enough Honduran to make them saleable. My god, these things are dog-rockets. I spat through the first, thinking it might’ve been a fluke, but the second confirmed that Rocky doesn’t know anything about tobacco. I just had to stub it out. What a damn waste.

  10. I ordered a RP sampler for a steal online. The 5 pack included 2 cigars I never heard of, the RP Cuban blend, and the RP Honduran Classic. I put the suckers in my humi for a solid 4 weeks. This very night I lit up the Honduran Classic. By the looks of the cigar, I was not impressed, although the wrapper was truly eye catching! From the start of the cigar, I loved it! NIce solid draw, and a so-so even burn that only required 1 touch up halfway through. The grey clouds of white smoke start out slow, but eventually speeds up and produces a lot of smoke. The main reason I like this stick is b/c the complexity of the flavor. It wasn’t boring and consistent. Instead it switched through different flavors. I cannot compare this smoke to aa the RP’s, but I do taste a few similar flavors to the RP edge. A very joyfull affordable smoke in the wild economy! I totally give this smoke 3 thumbs up! Take it EZ peoples, and smoke on! 🙂

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