Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 31 – Correction

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Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 31 – Correction

Episode 31 of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) featured a question in regards to humidity within a Wine Refrigerator. The question comes courtesy of Keith and is available for streaming below.

Keith’s Question

During YQMA Brian and I stated that Humid Air is more dense than dry air and will fall, ultimately collecting in the bottom of your cabinet, humidor, cooler, etc…

Shortly after the episode was published it was brought to our attention that we were incorrect. Thanks to Patrick for pointing that out to us.

Patrick’s Comment:

Hey guys, good stuff.

Water vapor actually its lighter than air.

Hence, why clouds are generally up in the air, and we aren’t living in continual fog.

Actually, I should say less dense than dry air…

After reading Patrick’s comment I double checked, since I simply thought that wet air would naturally be heavier than dry air and fall, I found that I was absolutely incorrect.

Jeff Haby of the weather prediction explains:

The amount of water vapor in the air also effects the density. Water vapor is a relatively light gas when compared to diatomic Oxygen and diatomic Nitrogen. Thus, when water vapor increases, the amount of Oxygen and Nitrogen decrease per unit volume and thus density decreases because mass is decreasing.

My apologies for the incorrect information.

We will be revisiting this question in an upcoming episode of YQMA to address the original question with this new information.

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