Dona Flor (Guest Review)

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Dona Flor (Guest Review)

This weeks guest review of the Dona Flor comes Courtesy of Jeremiah and comes in the form of a video entry.

Thank you for taking the time to put together a video depicting your thoughts and opinion of the Dona Flor.

Also take a look at what Tom and Ed had to say about the Dona Flor.

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11 thoughts on “Dona Flor (Guest Review)

  1. I was trying to help distribute the Dona Flor in the Washington DC area for the company ( but to get shop owners to take them seriously was near IMPOSSIBLE. They just couldn’t seem to believe people would want a cigar from BRAZIL. They were wrong…. but I couldn’t keep banging my head into the wall of resistance. Thanks for all you do in Korea! I was the Air Termaninal Manager at Osan Air Base from 1970-1980. First day I was there…. the ROK President was shot and killed. Great way to start the tour. Sure ate a LOT OF RAMEN when I was there. Haven’t been able to break the habit in 35 years. And yes, the Dona Flor cigars ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Brazil or not. Paul Arneson

  2. Paul:

    Thanks for introducing many of us to the Dona Flor name and line. Sounds like there are some issues currently with their USA distribution.

    At least one of their sticks recently received an incredibly high rating in Cigar Afficionado. I was disappointed that I could not (and still haven’t) been able to try a Dona Flor. If not for your efforts, Paul, I would not have known about this brand.

    Best of luck in whatever endeavor you are currently working on. And perhaps whomever winds up with the US distribution rights will be smart enough to bring you back in a sales or marketing role.

  3. James, many thanks for your kind words. If you’re ever in DC and would like to to take a course on TRADING stocks (and foreign currency)….come see me at Online Trading Academy. Not an advertisement (necessarily)…. just would love to have a cigar and maybe a good scotch with ya! Paul

  4. Nice review all the way from Korea. The Dona Flor Alonzo Menendez series is a litter fuller bodied then the one Ed and I reviewed. I prefer these smokes to the regular ones (which is why I bought a box).

  5. Awesome review! Its great to see you guys publishing guest videos. I guess Jerry was always right when he said SR was just as much “our’s” as it was “your’s”.

    Thanks Jeremiah!

  6. Awesome review Jeremiah! I’m definitely going to try one of these soon!

    I’m a guitar teacher by trade, and Satch is one of my favorites. Kudos on the music choice.

  7. Nice review Jeremiah. Funny thing is I thought the Alonso Menendez was more on the medium side compared to the Selecao. Both are great smokes and I wish the Dona Flor line was more available.

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