Famous Dominican 2000

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Famous Dominican 2000

This week I review another exclusive from Famous Smoke Shop (if this keeps up they should really sponsor us or something right?).

Walt reviewed the Famous Dominican 2000 last year and I thought it be great to do an update to that review and add my own comments since Dominican and mild cigars are my forte.

Video runs close 16:28 and along with my review of the Famous Dominican 2000 I bring you guys up-to-date on what I’ve been smoking the past week, final pitch to get your questions in for YQMA #32, ask for your help in pronouncing the name of a cigar, share an image on how Rocky Patel has cursed me, an apology to Carlos in NJ and at the end for laughs you can see me fumble around to find the STOP button. Don’t forget…leave some comment love.

Again, all images are brought to you by my better half…until next week, as always, long ashes!


20 thoughts on “Famous Dominican 2000

  1. Jerry,
    I really enjoy your reviews! I loved the comment at the end of the video…hahahahhahahahaha!

    Keep up the good work stogie review!!!!!

  2. Place another check mark in the box for GREAT review! Video looks fantastic too! I know you and Walt have the same camcorder but do you do something different? Your sound and video are super! I love the addition of the images while you talk…sucks about that RP Vintage.

    Is there any difference between the other Famous Dominican lines? Like whats the difference between the 2000 and the 3000 or 1000?

  3. JERRY! Great ending! I love it!

    I’m signing up for Twitter right after I leave this comment. It sounds like I’m missing out on some great stuff.

    I’m no expert but I think you have the name down for the Tatuaje with the “j” sounding like an “h”.

    Again, kudos again on the awesomeness of your review!

  4. You know, I wasn’t sure how I’d like your reviews in the Monday slot since it was always great to have you to prepare for the weekend on Friday but man, I’ve come to the conclusion that it don’t matter what slot you’re in cause you rock!

    This is probably one of your best videos. Video quality, sound quality, editing and the overall review of the cigar were all outstanding.

  5. Long time lurker here on SR, first comment.

    Jerry I think you guys have every right to “toot” your horn. Week after week you guys put out great review after great review. I can’t even recall the last review that I didn’t like nor can I imagine the amount of time all of this takes. No offense to any other cigar blogs but SR is definitely the leader of the pack…no doubt about it.

  6. Well, Jerry, perhaps Video Professor should release a tutorial on “How to Hit Stop on Software”.

    Just kidding, I’m a big fan of the Famous Nic 3000, and haven’t yet tried this one, so thanks for the review.

    And just so everyone knows, Jerry is probably the first person on Twitter to post a picture of Pizza Hut’s Tuscani Pasta. Niiice.

    Keep it up buddy!! Looking forward to the next one.

  7. Great ending!!

    No problem about Saturday night. I’ll just have to send you another Vasco de Gamma and have you do a follow up review!!!

  8. Jerry I’ve been following your reviews since you’ve come back and I enjoy them very much but your last two reviews (this one and the Honduran Classic) have been lacking. They have entertainment value but in my opinion, no actual substance. I guess the way people would rant and rave about you while you were gone led me to believe you were an expert reviewer with a wealth of knowledge to share and I just don’t see that.

    I’m not trying to offend you or your fans but I thought this site was about sharing knowledge. If I wanted to be entertained or goof off, I’d do that at my local B&M.

  9. Jerry,

    I enjoyed the review as always. I respect other’s opinions, but you’ve been gone awhile, so there’s some catching up to do. I think you cover the cigar/catch up as well as you can.

    Do what you do. And yea, I’m a Jerry fan boi, I admit it 😉

  10. Jerry-
    Love your reviews. As Russel seemed to point out, you don’t always stick to the “straight and narrow” or cigar reviewing, but thats exactly what I enjoy about your vids. Sure, maybe it could have been a little more indepth about the flavor profile- but I don’t necesarilly watch your vids for the sake of what cigar you are reviewing. Truth is, I probably won’t go buy a bundle or even a 5 pack of the Famous Dominicans. However, I do watch every single one of your reviews. So much so that I was late to classes today because I got too caught up in it. That not only takes a good reviewer, but a great person to pull off.

    I’m glad you have asides in your reviews, without them, you’re just as boring as the next reviewer. It’s that flavor that yourself, Walt and Brian posses that makes the Stogie Review so much more than that; and I wish to thank you for it.

    Keep on keeping on, BOTL, no one deserves it more than you.


  11. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I was going to edit out the end but thought it would make Monday go a bit easier to have something to laugh at. And like Mike said, the Tuscan Spaghetti from Pizza Hut is pretty good -> http://www.twitpic.com/fdr

    Kirk – Its probably the combination of my mac and microphone. Outside of that, Walt and I have the same exact setup.

    Russel – Thanks for your honest feedback and I apologize that you find my past two reviews lacking substance (does that mean you liked the LFD Cameroon and Arganese reviews?). My videos aren’t supposed to be some all encompassing cigar review. I like to have a conversation in my videos just like I would with someone at a B&M. If you and I were smoking together we’d for the most part talk about the cigar we’re smoking but I like to think that we’d also talk about what else is going on in our lives. I’m just a normal guy who loves to smoke and share the going ons in my life.

  12. awesome, i look forward to yqma. you guys are the best!

    question for YQMA: do you guys ever smoke cigarillo’s like macoba’s or small stuff like 10 pack tins of the ashtons, hoyo, or cuban honeys? and if so what do you think of them? Are they worth smoking, or should i stick to short stories

  13. Jerry,

    (LOL) (LOL) (LOL) Great review and an awesome ending. Question of the day is “Where the $@&% is the stop button?” Thanks Jerry you made my day!

    As always “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short”


  14. Jerry, thanks for another great review!

    Russel, while I agree that Jerry’s style is not the same as the other reviewers, I’m in fact glad on that point.

    That’s yet another reason why Stogie Review can toot it’s own horn, they have different personalities offering their input. If you don’t care for Jerry then you certainly aren’t forced to watch his videos, that’s exactly why Walt exists, to offer a different style and point of view.

    I personally think Walt is a little too mechanical and technical for my taste, but I don’t think it’s up to me to criticize him. That’s just his personality and style and form of communicating that you see in the reviews. I wouldn’t want him to change just for my sake. If everyone talked and sounded the same, it would be a very boring world indeed.

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