Macanudo Maduro

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Macanudo Maduro

I’m baaaaaaaack! Filling in for Walt here so I thought I’d give my new Aiptek pocket camcorder a try and see how it would work if I needed to do a review or interview on the fly. Since this isn’t my regular time slot, I used different music too.

Short video that only runs only 7:20 and I know I don’t look excited in the video and its not that I don’t like Macanudo cigars but I just feel like I’ve grown past smoking a Macanudo. We had a relationship in my younger cigar days before Tatuaje and before Arganese entered my life, but like with every old relationship, we take the lessons we’ve learned and move on.

Cigar Facts:
Vitola: Rothschild
Length: 6.50
Ring Gauge: 42
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican/Mexico
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Price: $93.99 box of 25

Liked It: It was okay
Buy It Again: No
Recommend It: Only for a beginner


16 thoughts on “Macanudo Maduro

  1. Video looked good Jerry! Audio probably could be better…I think you sum’d it up well where you wrote about moving on. Thats how I feel about Macanudo too…its just not a cigar I will smoke in this stage of my cigar life.

    Were you rushing to do the video? You kept stumbling over your words, a little more than you normally do, but its cool…the change in music really threw me off…I was like “where am I?” LOL

    Great stuff Jerry…glad to see you can find the STOP button on the remote.

  2. Yeah I’m not too impressed with the audio either. Its a omnidirectional mic built-in and on my normal camcorder I use an external unidirectional mic. But hey, not bad quality if I’m ever on the fly.

    Not really rushing but more distracted since I’m supposed to be working from home so I was monitoring a chat with my boss while recording lol.

  3. Jerry,

    I liked the video and loved the opening song being the Irishman that I am. I like Mac’s but feel the same as you do. Spring for one, I would lie if I said I wouldn’t because I bought one at a cigar bar the other night because their selection sucked! MY choice of cigar right now is the NUB Habano which I hope you will review soon. I know Walt already has but I am looking forward to your take on it.

    As always “Never smoke a cigar that sucks, life is too short!”


  4. Jerry, awesome stuff like always.

    I’m shocked you get all these criticisms…I have never seen one of your videos and had anything negative to say about them.

    Good stuff, glad you’re back.

  5. I happen to like the Macanudo Maduro. It is good for beginners, but I do like the mildness that comes with it. The only problem is they are $13 a stick (Churchill) at my local shop (the only shop that has a small walk in humidor in this small town), so I only pick them up when I have a chuck of change at my disposal.

    Nice review!

  6. Great review, Jerry. My entry to cigars was just like you said — Macanudos. I’m now smoking some pretty hard-edged Rocky Patels.

    By the way, the intro music to your old video reviews (I believe they sang in french) — what’s that song called and who sings that? I’ve been trying to find that music for a long time to no avail. I love it!

    Glad to have you back!

  7. Hey Jerry – It was great seeing your video! AND, I really appreciate the recommendation for a beginner’s cigar. I have a buddy who I am introducing to the art of fine cigar smoking.

    Oh, and one last thing, I enjoyed the messaging on Twitter!

  8. Hey Jerry, the video was great! One problem though…I smoked a Macanudo maduro last week and got an overpowering acidic, vegetal, sort of maduro, finish that really turned me off. I’m no pro, but does anyone think that its possible to get a dud cigar or something? I really want to give it another try because noone else seems to have experienced this.

  9. I’ve been smoking cigars for 15 years now (just turned 40) and I actually think that some Mac Mads I have had in my humi for about 2 years (robustos) now are some of the best maduros that I own (I have a humidor of about 2,500 cigars). While very mild, the aroma is wonderful and for the price have been very consistent. I’m not a mac fan although macs were some of the first cigars I and probably many others tried and I do still have some Gold Label Connecticuts but I can’t say one negative thing about the maduros. Are they on par with Patron Anniversarios? No. Am I glad I bought them a couple of years ago? A resounding Yes!

  10. Dude…you’re a moron. The number one selling cigar in the US, and you’re bashing it? You’re a stogie snob. Just because you like your cigars to taste like strong dog-crap doesn’t mean this one is of lesser quality. As far as enjoying a cigar goes, this is one of my favorites. Especially paired with a snifter of fine cognac.

    1. Smoke thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. While I’ve never seen any independent report that says Macanduo is the best selling cigar in the US I won’t argue since I can’t offer any proof.

      You should poke around the site and will see that I have a wide range of taste in cigars. Most of which aren’t supper strong.

      It’s been 3+ years since this review and all I can say is that every day cigar smokers (at least those I hang with at retail shops) don’t smoke macanudo and haven’t since their early days.

      Who really is a snob? Do you hold your pinky in the air when you drink your cognac out of your sniffer?

    2. I too make my choices based on retail sales stats. Which is why I prefer mine with a cold Budweiser and healthy slice of Velveta cheese. And yes, I have both pinkies blazing.

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