Felipe Gregorio Power

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Felipe Gregorio Power

This weeks guest review comes to us from Tom and Ed and covers the Felipe Gregorio Power. In addition to the review they speak with a Felipe Gregorio roller who happened to be in for an event.

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9 thoughts on “Felipe Gregorio Power

  1. Sorry about the audio issues towards the middle. I think we found a solution that will eliminate this sort of thing from happening again.


  2. Audio sounds good! I may have to pick up the solution you have, can you send me a picture of your actual setup?

    I had a friend give me two of these last night from a previous Big Smoke, can not wait to try them again.

  3. MJ – I think the price point is 10-12 dollars. It’s in the vid, but I just can’t recall the exact price at the moment.

    Mike – Thanks! I always give props to DT when I can.

    Justin – Glad you enjoyed the review. This review was using my old setup, which was cable splitters and masking tape. Towards the middle the audio got pretty ugly. Check out YQMA episode 32 (coming out Sun or Mon), which is the first real world use of the new setup.

    Once I’m finished encoding the YQMA vids tonight, I’ll snap some pics and email em to you asap.

  4. Hey Tom / Ed –
    Great review as always. It appears Tom’s palate is developing. He’s picking up on more flavors with each review.

    Ed, I did receive the V-cutter and love it. It’s become my primary cutter unless I’m smoking Torpedo types.

    Funny, yesterday I had a Felipe Gregorio Icon Twain after diner. Very good smoke.
    Ed, if you ever make it back to this area, look me up. You have my address.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in YQMA.
    Again, great review.

  5. Thanks Paul. Yea I’m getting a little better with Ed’s help. But will probably always be a noob.

    One thing to note… I think the new audio setup will work well. I posted about it on my blog (insert shameless plug).

  6. Great review gentlemen. I love that cigar. And it can be picked up if you watch those nefarious auction sites for a chance at a slightly cheaper price. But shhh, leave some for me 🙂

  7. I always love your reviews Tom & Ed!! Thanks for showing me that these cigars exist. I’ve never seen any of these at a B&M near where I live. So thanks to you guys for reviewing this and letting me know it’s a great cigar worth the money. And thanks to Stogie Review for having cigarplace.biz as advertisement, because I got a box of Triple R’s for $89.95 off of that site. This is one of the most mellow and refined smokes I have ever had. It leaves the most satisfying taste in your mouth while smoking and after you put it down. Thanks again Tom & Ed and Stogie Review!

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