Camacho Corojo (Guest Review)

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Camacho Corojo (Guest Review)

Back for another video review we have Jeremiah. This time he takes on the Camacho Corojo.

This is Jeremiah’s second video review. Take a look at his Dona Flor review if you haven’t already watched it.

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7 thoughts on “Camacho Corojo (Guest Review)

  1. That was a very nice review. That was an interesting point you brought up about cigars having a more negative reaction than cigarettes. I personally like seeing men smoke cigars versus cigarettes. It means they have great taste and appreciate the finer things in life.

  2. Thanks for the review Jeremiah! I’d have to agree that the Camacho Corojo is a tasty cigar but I need to make sure I eat a decent amount next time I have one. I must be weak because I was almost at puke status when I had my last one. It was tasty but I had to put it down even after drinking some soda.

  3. Nice review. They are one of my go to smokes, I think I have about six or eight boxes of the things. Glad you liked it. Funny, while they are definitely a full, I never get the over the top nicotine hit from them like I do sometimes with the JdN Antanos. But they do have a great flavor to them.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I find that I also dont get the nicotine buzz from these cigars. I had one just yesterday and I can see how if you havent eaten a full meal before the cigar you may feel a bit woozzie from it. But its a great cigar especial for those who like spice.

  5. Camacho Corojo (typically the Churchill but most frequently the Cetros) are by far my favorite cigar, and I prefer them to everything else on the market — even the much-vaunted Pepin varieties. I keep lots of boxes around all the time. There’s just nothing out there like them for consistency, richness and flavor, without being overpowering like their Nicaraguan cousins.

  6. It was a good review and I liked the cigarette “hater” story. One downside, try not to say “uh” so much. Otherwise it was a nice vid. Keep it up.

  7. Good flavor on this igars, make sure that you have a full stomach, otherwise the buzz will bite you.

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