Flor de Oliva Gold

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Flor de Oliva Gold

Flor de Oliva Gold - 1Brand: Flor de Oliva
Vitola: Robusto
Length: 5.00
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Origin: Nicaragua
Price: $34.95 per bundle of 25

Flor de Oliva cigars are a product of the the Oliva Family of Cigars. The brand was launched in 1996 and consists of first rate quality tobacco.

Each cigar is hand rolled using quality long filler tobacco from Nicaragua as well as a Nicaraguan Binder. The wrapper is available in four varieties which include a Sumatra (Indonesian), Maduro (Connecticut), Connecticut Shade (Ecuador), and Corojo (Nicaraguan).

The Flor de Oliva Gold is described as a Mild to Medium body cigar of the bunch and is available in four sizes. The sizes include a Robusto (50 x 5.00), Toro (50 x 6.00), Double Corona (50 x 7.00), and a Torpedo (52 x 6.50)

Pre Light:
Flor de Oliva Gold - 2
After removing my Flor de Oliva Gold from its cellophane sleeve I began to give it a good looking over. While inspecting the wrapper I found two places down towards the foot that had small patches. The patches appeared to cover a couple of minor wrapper flaws. There were a few medium sized veins that added a bit of lumpiness to the texture. The color was consistent and a light golden brown while sporting a mildly oily sheen.

When pinched I found the cigar to be evenly filled with tobacco but a little on the soft side overall. The texture of the wrapper was smooth with some small lumps due to the veins.

After opening up the cap with my new V-Cutter, courtesy of Ed Nazare, I found the draw to be loose with a natural tobacco sweetnessr. The aroma on the wrapper and foot were both mild and attractive.

First Third:
Flor de Oliva Gold - 3
After a quick and painless toasting and lighting session, I had my Flor de Oliva Gold evenly lit and producing a generous supply of thick, flavorful smoke. Right out of the gate this cigar is easily within the Mild to Medium range that I expected. The finish was easy on the palate while being smooth and creamy.

The primary flavor at this point is natural Nicaraguan tobacco with a toasty and buttery aftertaste. Just like many other Nicaraguan cigars, when the smoke is passed through the sinuses I pick up a nice spice or “Nic Zing” as Dale Roush calls it.

The draw remains a little free but produces an excellent amount of smoke. The smoke is very thick and easily passed through the sinuses. The burn rate seems about average as is the resting smoke. The ash is light in color and firm.

Second Third:
Flor de Oliva Gold - 4
As I rounded the fifty minute mark I found myself just about through the second third of my Flor de Oliva Gold. The body slightly climbed as I burned deeper into the stick, but remained in the mild to medium realm. The finish was soft on the palate and produced a mild buttery texture that I found very pleasant.

In the base flavor department there wasn’t much change. The Nicaraguan tobacco flavor got a little richer as did the toasty and butter secondary flavors. The spiciness of the smoke also picked up slightly when passed through the sinuses.

The burn line was thin and even while maintaining an average burn rate. The resting smoke was about average as well and produced a mild room aroma. Just as before, the draw was a bit free for my liking but could easily be adjusted the next time with the use of a plug cutter or scissors.

Final Third:
Flor de Oliva Gold - 5
After ninety minutes, or so, of smoking I found myself into the final third of my Flor de Oliva Gold. While approaching the final third the body was making a slow and steady progression to the medium range. The finish continued to be smooth and easy on the palate while leaving me with a nice buttery texture on the walls of my mouth.

The base flavor remained the same as before, a Nicaraguan tobacco flavor with aftertastes of butter and toast. The only new flavor at this point was an introduction of a mild woody flavor. All in all the combination was enjoyable and kept things interesting.

The burning characteristics of the cigar remained the same. Burn rate and resting smoke were about average while the draw continued to produce a generous supply of smoke. The heat on the smoke was now beginning to increase and becoming a bit of a nuisance but not enough to force me to slow down much.

My Thoughts:
Overall I think that this cigar, just like the others in the line. The Flor de Oliva’s always out perform what I would expect of a sub $2.00 smoke. The flavors are very straight forward with little variation but would be perfect for those times when you wouldn’t want something too dynamic, like when working with your hands.

This is another bargain cigar that I would most certainly recommend to any smoker.

Happy Smoking

enjoying cigars since 2005

21 thoughts on “Flor de Oliva Gold

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the coffee. I am starting to feel a little better but not out of the woods just yet. I will be sending more bean soon. I think I will send one of my favorites hairbender. I like to drink coffee that’s like a solid but soft slap in the face. I will email you this week coming week to set up a time to chat. Peace…Jake

  2. George E,
    I’ve been there! They do make a good cup of coffee. I used to hang out in their shop on the East side occasionally… *sigh* Good times.

    Oh yeah, and nice review Walt.

  3. Nice review Walt. I really like these bundle cigars. They really give you a lot for your money. I have them in all the wrappers. They never seem to disapoint.

  4. Why are some reviews such as this one not listed in the 2008 review index?
    Does an administrator need to manually update the index or do the reviews get listed there automatically once they post?
    Just curious.

  5. Paul,
    The index is manually updated, typically when the review falls off the front page. From time to time I forget about updating the index and there is a delay.

    Thanks for reminding me, I’ll take care of it now

  6. I’m sure there has to be an easier way, maybe republish the RSS based on category? Sure wish we had some kind of programmer on the site to help us with these things…what do you do for a living @brianhewitt? 🙂

  7. First rate fill, burn and ash but for my taste, way too mild. lacking on flavor! They rate this a medium strength but it is super mild. I would say “for beginners only”.

  8. Where online are you guys finding these for 34.95 a bundle? The lowest I can find them for is 60.00!

  9. I’m glad I saw this review, I’ve just started buying bundles and have continued to see the bundles for cheap and was curious, might consider picking up one

  10. A great everyday cigar, consistant, smooth, good draw, ample flavor. Morning GAR with Mayorgia coffee.
    Can’t beat the price for the quality……..Viva Oliva. Often smoke the Oliva Series G…….I like the Flor de Oliva just as well.

  11. Very nice review of the Flor de Oliva and I’d say it still stands a few years later. Too bad the photos no longer show up. I really like this cigar. I’m new to smoking cigars and needed to see how someone else described a cigar I have already smoked a few times, as I’m not totally familiar with all the terms. I was curious as to whether there are any other cigars that taste/smoke similarly to the Flor de Oliva that I might try WITHOUT being spicy. I’ve learned that the term spicy is NOT something I care for. I would describe what many call spicy to be having fresh cracked pepper corns burning the sides of ones tongue. But maybe thats just me… As for price, as of Feb 2012) the Flor de Olivas only come in bundles of 20 (instead of 25) and run an average of $40 ($28-46) per bundle depending on cigar length and shape and where ordered. Some folks say the quality has come down. I wouldn’t know, but I REALLY like this cigar and its the cheapest of all the hand mades Ive yet tried, so thats a real plus in my book. Again, any suggestions you might have for something similar but not sting or bite to the tongue or mouth would be appreciated.

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