Fuente Fuente Opus X (Guest Review)

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Fuente Fuente Opus X (Guest Review)

Fuente Fuente Opus X

Image courtesy of Dennis “Stogie Baby” Camacho

Along with some music from the Dominican Republic. I will review for you what is now my favorite Dominican cigar. I want to thank Walt for inviting me as a guest reviewer. I’m a huge fan and its my pleasure to do a review for the site.

Thanks and Enjoy!
Dennis “The Stogie Baby” Camacho

This weeks guest reviews comes from Dennis, aka The Stogie Baby. Since January 2008 Dennis has been doing something new and exciting. He features reviews with an interesting style, if you haven’t already taken a peek at what The Stogie Baby has to offer I would certainly recommend checking it out.

enjoying cigars since 2005

24 thoughts on “Fuente Fuente Opus X (Guest Review)

  1. Cool review Dennis! I really like the concept. I would love to hear some more reviews like that one.

  2. Dennis,

    Shizzle Me Tizzle! Yarghhh

    Great review bud, good thing I have several of these suckers resting in my humidor cause you absolutely made me want to light one up!!!

    How friggin’ enjoyable!!


  3. Nice! Loved every minute of it. Looks like Jerry has some competition on his hands for the title of Mr. Personality!

    Great job Dennis!

  4. Jon,
    The review is in Audio format. There should be a grey box that says “Odeo” in the corner with a pink “play” button.

    Great job, I love the music (although I don;t understand a word of it)


  5. BTW: The song is in Spanish, but in slang. Its called “talking in P” so that makes it 10x’s harder to understand lol …. i dont know how to speak in “P”, but since my family does it all the time i understand it … lol

  6. I’m not sure what the issue is. I’m on firefox and can see and play the audio just fine.

    Could you guys take a quick screen shot and email it to me so I can see the issue?

    Is anyone using the Ad Blocking plugin that might be stopping it?


  7. I’m probably in the minority here: While I’m a fan of the content and tone here at Stogie Review, I’m not a fan of the multimedia reviews. As much as I applaud your forward-thinking embrace of technology, the A/V reviews are harder to consume (aka, sneak) while at work.

    Too bad you couldn’t post transcriptions… That’d probably be way too much work for curmudgeons like me.

    Still, I appreciate your hard work.

  8. G – Walt & Brian do an amazing job providing text reviews along with any A/V content. I’m the lazy guy who hates writing and much prefers just doing video but I can sympathize with your situation. More and more workplace are blocking content for fear of loss of productivity.

    We do strive to meet reasonable requests for our visitors such as we recently started offering MP3 versions of our reviews. Outside of transcripts, is there anything else you can think of to make it easier for you to enjoy our content? Would making a DVD available (for a reasonable price to cover any overhead) be a possibility (its been something I’ve thought about)?

    Let me/us know…

  9. I really can’t get enough of this! I really hope we get more Stogie Baby content here on Stogie Review.

    Jerry – I think many would agree, that if you opened a store offering Stogie Review accessories many of us would purchase to show our support. In that same breath, being able to order say a custom DVD (we pick which videos) would be an interesting idea or even a yearly/monthly archive. You could even make them into a downloadable ISO for a few bucks that we can burn to media ourselves eliminating any overhead on your part. Just a thought.

  10. G- Thanks for the comment. Thanks to guys like you SR and myself can work on how to better our sites. i think SR does a great job on having a little bit of everything. i try to do the same, i have audio reviews, baby reviews and long reviews. its good to have a good balance, so there is something for everyone. i completely understand how sometimes its hard at work, hell even at home sometimes lol. Thanks for your opinion!

    to everyone- THANKS FOR THE LOVE! and i will be back sometime in the near future! =) but till then feel free to check out my site …. http://www.TheStogieBaby.com

    P.S. i get all my personality from Jerry lol =P … we talked about it the other night, we are pretty similar when it comes to some things like cigars and even TV shows lol

  11. Like I said I think you guys are class acts and have a great approach to your site.

    A DVD would actually be a pretty cool offering, and something I don’t think any of other other cigar media sites are doing. I think you should go for it. A once-a-year type thing or something would be a nice product. How about a DVD and a box of all the smokes you reviewed?

    Anyway, thanks for responding to my feedback. Keep smokin’

  12. Jerry,
    Downloadable MP3’s or videos would make it easier to consume your videos at different times. It may help to get around some company firewalls as well. I was able to watch the videos at work until recently when they upgraded their firewall or whatever they use to stop me from having fun here.

  13. Dennis I love your reviews – I mention you on my sites all the time, and the “urban swag” way you do your reviews makes me wanna grab my dancing shoes. A fresh approach best describes The Stogie Baby.

    I do agree, that unless you work in a free flowing and flexible workplace, the audio probably isn’t the greatest idea. But, there’s a time and place for every thing, and putting on the headphones, firing up a “Fuente Fuente” and kicking back, thats the place for The Stogie Baby. I’m a huge fan, and I look forward to many more shows!

    Would love to convince you to come by Cigars 4Women, and give the ladies a treat. We’d love to have you as our guest.

    Thanks SR and thanks Dennis,


  14. Nice and fun review! The music was like a demented circus, very cool! It would be nice to see stogie baby on video. It is a nice mix to add to the stogie review crew.

  15. Nice review! I’m not a big Opus fan but still found your review entertaining and informative. I wouldn’t mind seeing and getting your input on YQMA.

  16. what a crap review, sounds like a marketing cigar campaign. how can we tell if he is really smoking opus X. junk. I can make an auto track with some music etc. saying I’m smoking some of the finest and blow smoke up anyone’s a$$.

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