Gran Habano VL Churchill (Saturday Supplemental)

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Gran Habano VL Churchill (Saturday Supplemental)

This Saturday I decided it was time to revisit a cigar I had had some mixed results with at the end of last year. The day after giving The Gran Habano VL Gran Churchill a less than stellar review, I came down with a bit of a cold. And that bothered me. Was the cigar really mediocre, or was my palate skewed because I was coming down with a cold? I have enjoyed other Gran Habano cigars in the past, and this was supposed to be a special “Very Limited” edition.

What makes this all more interesting is that I had no idea Walt Jerry had reviewed the cigar over a year earlier! So not only am I revisiting one of my old reviews, I’m comparing notes with Walt Jerry. Enjoy.

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 7 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Dominican Republic
mebeliFiller: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Coffee
Price: ~75.00 a box
Original Review: Brian’s Review 12/5/2007, Walt’s Jerry’s Review 10/4/2006*

*Note: My mistake, that 2006 review was done by Jerry, not Walt!

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8 thoughts on “Gran Habano VL Churchill (Saturday Supplemental)

  1. Nice review Brain. Glad to see you’re in front of the camera again.

    On the issue of mold, I understand there is a difference between mold and plume. According to some aficionados, white powdery or fuzzy substance on a cigar may likely be plume. This can be wiped off easily; where mold if wiped off generally leaves a stain.

    I seem to remember Ed in one of the reviews mentioning that a cigar with plume is actually desirable, as this means it has been aged properly.

    Maybe one of the review staff can elaborate further on this topic.

  2. Brian –
    Forget to mention, with the mold / plume issue and the trouble you had throughout the cigar keeping it lit, do you think the cigar was over-humidified?

  3. I hate having to put a cigar down early, but why continue on if it isn’t enjoyable. This just happened to me yesterday.

    Anyhow, great review. For some reason, I kept looking at the background of the vid 😉

  4. Brian, Liked the review and I think I will skip this one due to the burn issues. I bought a box of Gran Habano # 5 for my Wedding party last October which was not a bad smoke. Other than that I have not tried any of the other ones. Any ways sorry about babbling on and I look forward to your next review.

  5. Nice review Brian. I’d have to say the mold is indicative of the cigar being over humidified although, who knows. Seeing the mold at the foot was a BAD sign to me. It’s one thing to have some on the wrapper but at the foot as well?

    I think the cedar wraps trap humidity. I’ve seen some other cigars as well with cedar wraps and I’m leaning to thinking this is a bad thing. But I’m curious as to yours and the other SR guys thoughts.


  6. Brian,
    A good review, I always have been a little skeptical of “limited type’s of cigars” I usually find that these type of cigars are not necessarily high quality, the cigars that have been “around awhile” most times provide better quality and more enjoyable experience. Although seasoning in a humidor most times corrects issues however sometimes no so, I don’t think this cigar would pass even after in the humidor.

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys.

    Over-humidification is unlikely to be the problem. The humidity in that humidor has been on the low 60’s for months now. However that being said, I did have these cigars in plastic bag they were shipped in. Between that, the cedar sheath and the cellophane, it is possible it retained a lot more humidity than the cigars around it.

    It could also be that these cigars were over humidified BEFORE I got them. While there was mold on this cigar, it actually appeared to be dying off. Especially under the cedar sheath.

    But I agree with you guys, it all the symptoms point toward over humidification. The worsening burn, the mold, etc. This probably should have occurred to me, but the lower humidity of that humidor had me thinking I was safe in that department.

    One thing’s for sure, this was NOT plume! LOL

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