Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 33

Your Questions, My Answers2 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 33

Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 33

Please note:
Due to numerous technical difficulties with the footage, this episode may be difficult to follow. We apologize for poor quality.

Welcome back for another Episode of Your Questions, My Answers Episode 33. Just like last time, I’ve broken the show down into three segments all with separate video for your watching convince.

Segment 1

Question 1 from Joe via Myspace
Quirky question Jerry, why do cigars unravel when you accidentally light the wrong end?

Question 2 from Chris via YouTube
I was at a hookah bar not too long ago which allowed the smoking of both cigarettes and cigars, I was embarrassed when I started to smoke a CAO America which I bought a few days before and the individuals I was with began complaining about the smell of the cigar, my question is with the ever vanishing areas where us cigar smokers can enjoy a fine cigar, where do you find the best place besides your home to have a cigar and enjoy the company of other cigar smokers, also what is your favorite maduro smoke?

Question 3 from Carlos via Voicemail
While on webcam chatting with a friend I dropped a hot ash into my lap. Upon landing on my lap it rolled down into my chair and up the leg of my shorts. When my yelling and screaming was done I had to explain it to my friend on the other end of the webcam. What was the most the embarrassing experience you have had with a cigar?

Segment 2

Question 4 from Maverick43232 via Youtube
Hey, I love the reviews! I was wondering if you know of a cigar that can be my regular cheep cigar. Me and my college buddies like to get together and play some poker and smoke a couple of good cigars. Its finally my turn to buy the smokes but I don’t want to break the bank. I see that Cigar International has a couple of Bundles of 50 for $50 but I’m afraid that they will be garbage and end up as a gift to someone I don’t like for Easter or whatever the next holiday is. I personally prefer a cigar that keeps you interested/changes, mild, smooth, and a little sweet. Also my old man loves the Rocky Patel Connecticut and the Perdomo Reserve Champagne, but not the price of $75+ per box of 20. Any suggestions for me and my buddies and some cheep alternatives for pops?

Question 5 from BigDog20 via Youtube
Hey I recently viewed your full video where you were talking about the “shot-glass method” of adding humidity to your humidor. After you leave the shot glass with distilled water inside the humidor for 48+ hrs, is it ready to store the cigars? Do you have to remove the shot glass and close the humidor for another 48hrs?

Question 6 from David via Voicemail
If you were stranded on a deserted island and could choose only three things to bring with you what would they be?

Segment 3

Discussion Topics:

  • Jameson Cigar Giveaway
  • Upcoming XiKar Sponsored Contest
  • Cigarfest and other local events
  • Are we going to IPCPR?

Leave a voicemail question and be entered for a chance to win free cigars

To enter to win an Arganese Maduro sampler (3 cigars total) send in a voicemail with your question for the next episode by 5:00 PM EST on 5/21/08 . Entires will be played during the show and a winner will be selected at random.

Voicemail can be sent through the Skype software to user wwhite72082 or by dialing (610) 572-2636

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2 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 33

  1. No comment love for YQMA?! 😉

    I enjoyed the episode, despite the technical issues. And I didn’t even mind Jerry and Brian dropping McLovin bombs (I still don’t see the similarities).

    Keep em comin guys, and thanks for doing these shows.

  2. Great episode as always. 🙂

    The El Legend-ario is one of my favorite smokes, had one last weekend. And yes, the wrapper on the natural is very dark, I had the same question as to whether they sent me the right ones.

    Walt, did you ever get the Equus I sent? I’m looking forward to your review. 😀

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