Camacho 10th Anniversary

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Camacho 10th Anniversary

Ed Nazare and Tom Adcock join us once again for another video review. This time around Tom and Ed smoke the Camacho 10th Anniversary.

MP3 Version: Available Here

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14 thoughts on “Camacho 10th Anniversary

  1. I couldn’t stop looking at 2 things. Brian’s picture and the Perdomo’s behind Ed’s head lol

    Wheres the rest of it? I hope thats not it? it was only 10 minutes and looks like you get cut off …. either way ….

    Great Job Tom & Ed!

  2. Dennis,
    I get 16 minutes then it gets cut off. I’ll recheck the file when I get home, looks like a problem with the video service as the video played just fine when I screened it.


  3. One thing I wanted to mention but didn’t in the review… If you are the type of smoker who doesn’t go much past the band, this may suit you just fine.

  4. First: Great review Tom & Ed, I will not smoke this cigar now because of your great review.

    Brian: You are a nut brother, I wonder if anyone else who watch the video noticed that your pic in the background changed a couple of times. I think you guys should start a new game during the reviews “Where is Brian” (LOL).

    Again great review, take care and enjoy the long weekend.

  5. ‘The Tom & Ed Cigar Show’ with another entertaining review! Great job guys, looking forward to the next!

    I can’t help but wonder what the music will consist of each time. As a guitar teacher, you always draw me in with the opening music alone lol! Kudos!

  6. Thanks all.
    Joel-Not a bad idea, we may have to look into that.

    Mike – I randomly pick the musical passages by looking at whatever CD’s are in front of me at the time. Guess I just like great players. I may have to dig into some Zappa one of these days.

    Dennis – You can put anyone next to Ed, and they will chill and become relaxed. What you see is pretty much the same as us hanging out any given day having a smoke (minus the cursing). The biggest stress at this point is a customer walking in on the shoot (as you can see in any of our reviews).

  7. Great review guys, as always.

    My experience with the cigar was somewhat similar in that I just found it to be very smooth but bland. I didn’t get any of the harshness you guys got at all, and I smoked it all the way down. But as an avowed Camacho Whore I don’t think I’ll smoke another.

    I did want to make a comment about the all corojo thing being a problem, as their regular corojo line is the same, but is a wonderfully flavorfull cigar. I’m looking forward to you guys doing a Triple Maduro review. 🙂

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