Ashton Benchmade by Don Pepin (Saturday Supplemental)

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Ashton Benchmade by Don Pepin (Saturday Supplemental)

This week’s Saturday Supplemental video review is a little different than the previous ones. Instead of revisiting a cigar that I (or one of the other guys) have smoked in the past, I’m checking out a brand new cigar. Jon a.k.a. Wingfan13 promised to send me one an Ashton Benchmade Robusto if I’d do a review of it. Of course I said “heck yeah” and in short order a unexpectedly hefty supply of smokes arrived in the mail! (Apparently quite a few of his cigars had always wanted to check out Atlanta!)

Since I already had a review planned for this coming Wednesday, and I didn’t want to make such a generous gentleman wait for his review, I figured why not do it as a Saturday review? And so here we are, with a brand, spanking new cigar review. (Note: I keep saying “Benchmark” in the video, that’s just my inner geek showing. The cigar’s name is actually “Benchmade”.)

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 5 x 50 (robusto)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sumatra-seed
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Coffee
Price: ~2.60 a stick
Original Review: N/A

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11 thoughts on “Ashton Benchmade by Don Pepin (Saturday Supplemental)

  1. Oh yeah Brian, I will be trying it one out. Great review as always and I think you should get a pic of “McLoving” in your next video! Good luck at the doctors too (LOL).

  2. Brian:
    Great review. You must have a tough palate to work through 7 sticks the day prior and still be able to discern its flavor profile like you did. Interesting smoke for the price. Hope your ash burns aren’t too severe: I wonder if you could go after Ashton and Pepin sorta like that person that spilled the McDonalds coffee in their lap?

  3. Great review Brian, I always enjoy a good value smoke. This one will go on “The list.”

    I appreciate you took the high road and didn’t retaliate for my “Ballface rating system” in the Camacho review. 😉

    I also noticed your method of tasting a smoke, and I use it from time to time. You’ll probably see me utilize it on a review sooner or later. It seems to work great when you don’t care to pass smoke through the sinuses.

  4. Great review as always B! I’ll be after these fo-show. Also nice little pic at the end with the red camacho label. Do I get one for being the first to point it out?

  5. Thanks guys!

    You never know, Joel, McLovin just may make an appearance one of these days… Sometime when he least expects it! (Translation: Whenever I think of something clever.) LOL

    Good idea tcr, I like the way you think. I’d be willing to settle out of court for a lifetime supply of smokes!

    I have a method for tasting smokes? I didn’t realize that! LOL Yeah, I then to swish the the smoke around in my mouth and try to get it in the sinuses without reto-haling it. I haven’t been one for exhaling cigar smoke through my nose, though I should probably work on that. Maybe if I start doing it with milder smokes and build up…

    And yeah, I’m all about the high road. That doesn’t mean I won’t through rocks down at you on the low road from time to time! (Beware!) LOL

    What you get is a good sense of accomplishment for eyeballing that cigar band! And, of course the opportunity to read the review of that mystery cigar on Wednesday, absolutely free of charge! (I’m just that generous!)

    Thanks Jerry,
    They seem to be getting easier to do. I had this one done in record time. Record for me, that is. It was nice to be able to do SOMETHING ELSE on Saturday other than screw around with the video!

  6. I think we should do some kind of wrestling gimmick where we act genunly pissed at each other. “There’s a lot of smack talkin in the cigar scene. And I’m going to put a stop to it! Oooo yeeeaahh.” You get the idea. The ball is in your court now 😉

  7. PS – the cigar tasting method. If it works, I say go with it. I prefer to use the sinuses (retrohaling), but sometimes I don’t feel like it, which is when I’ve found your method works fine.

  8. Brian,

    Thanks for the review. I still have not smoked one. I just got back from Vegas and am a mess. By the way….one of the cigars I sent you is from 2000. 8 years old.

  9. Just smoked 2 of these last night at an Ashton event. They are the best $5 cigar I have ever smoked! Even better, they were only $3!

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