Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 2

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Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 2

Continuation of Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 1

At some point while working on the rolling table, I had a discussion with Dave that Sam might need a second table. The idea was that just in case the original table got lost in transit or broken during transport, a second table was waiting in reserve.

The second table wasn’t required until after the first string of events were complete which gave my father and I a little more time to produce it.

After my initial embarrassing conversation with Sam I felt obligated to show him what a real piece or work was. After much more time in the design stages we came up with a table that would blow Sam away.

The only change Sam asked for was a removable scrap tray for cleaning (the previous one was fixed) and a top that he could potentially have his tribal leaf logo burned into.

We took the requests and worked them into the new design and got to work.

New Features to include:

  • Solid wood top to place logo on
  • Removable tobacco scrap tray
  • Metal fasteners to break down upper sections
  • Legs that did not require an allen wrench to remove (chrome legs required a screw to be loosened for removal)

The Construction

The Lower Section
Sam Leccia Rolling Table - Nub Cigars - 11My father and I both agreed that the original Chrome Plated Legs were not going to look right with this new table. We decided to go with a turned wooden leg which was to be painted.

To attached the legs we used a mortise and tenon system with a hand tightened fastener to hold everything in place. At the bottom of the legs we recessed levelers to keep the table from wobbling

After a little debate on what color would look best, we changed the game plan and decided to go with a crackle finish to the give the table an old look and feel.

A coat of green paint was applied as a base then covered with an off white.

The Upper Section
Sam Leccia Rolling Table - Nub Cigars - 21Rather than attempt to burn in an intricate tribal leaf, the logo was programmed into a computer controlled router and cut into the surface. Black paint was then added to accent the leaf and several coats of finish were applied.

The material for the top was 1.25″ thick Spanish Cedar which really fit into the “Cigar” aspect of the project. The uprights were made of the same material as was the shelf and back panel.

The Nub Cigar wording was cut into the uprights in similar fashion as the leaf in the top and was accented with Gold and Blue paint.

The upper section was tied into the top with metal fasteners rather than dowels as was the painted tobacco scrap tray.

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7 thoughts on “Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 2

  1. Just added the slide show this morning which shows more constructions pictures.

    ER Doc,
    I’m looking forward to doing the final part of the series, I’m glad you like the table so far.

  2. Walt, you and your father should revive the Yankee Workshop program on PBS – reading about your project – you remind me of Norm Abrams. Great work!

  3. Amazing Walt, the NUB wording was a completely incredible touch of class to the already amazing craftmanship. My highest compliments.


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