CI Legends (Copper Label)

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CI Legends (Copper Label)

CI Legends Copper

Happy Memorial Day! This week I continue my series of reviewing the CI Legends Series. If you’re new to the series, don’t worry. You’ve only missed two so far. My review of the Green Label and the Yellow Label are available for you to go back and watch.

I had no idea that the Copper Label was an infused cigar. I know Drew Estates is famous for their infused cigars but I guess I forgot about that since I smoked and enjoyed the La Vieja Habana by Drew Estates which isn’t infused at all.

Initially I was really skeptical and was a bit hesitant about smoking the Copper Label. I’m normally not a big fan of infused cigars. Nothing against them, they just aren’t my thing. To my surprise though, the Copper Label wasn’t that bad and was actually…gasp…dare I say, enjoyable?

Video runs 20:25 which is a little longer than my usual review but I was really shocked that I liked the Copper Label. By popular demand, to go along with an MP3 version, you can download this video in .wmv (Windows) or .m4v (Mac) format both can be found below. In the video I show off my new video camera, talk about Mia Bella candles, pimp out my interview on Cigar Alliance and pose a question for you to answer if you can.

I’m in Boston next week so hopefully I can find a kind establishment that will give me a home to record. If you know of any, please let me know. Just in case though, I’ll record a video before I leave. You guys are great! Long ashes!

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 5.7
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: ?
Filler: Dominican/Nicaraguan
Price: $59.95(20)/$20.00(5)

Liked It: Yes – Surprisingly
Buy It Again: No – Not really my cup of tea
Recommend It: Yes
Downloads (Right Click to Save As): wmv (Win)m4v (Mac)mp3 (Audio)


23 thoughts on “CI Legends (Copper Label)

  1. Jerry nice picture and nice video quality. Thanks for making downloadable versions for offline watching, you can really tell the difference in the video quality when you download. Thats a nice looking camcorder you got.

    One question, how did you resolve the storage issue?

    Its nice to see that you kept an open mind throughout the review. You did seem really put off at first but you stuck with it.

    Great job!

  2. Jerry,

    You are a tougher guy than I. I really tried hard to like Drew Estate’s infused cigars. I have tried several cigars from his Natural and Acid lines. I have also tried the CI Copper label. All are infused with some sort of flavor and I find them all to be too sweet, but the CI copper is the only one I had to toss because it was sickening sweet. Not only does DE infuse the tobacco but they sweeten the cap on all infused cigars as well (all the lines I have had anyway). That sweetened cap explains why the cigar started off rough for you (your spit lessens the sweetness as you smoke the cigar). DE’s Chateu Real, La Vieja line, and the Liga Privadas (all non-infused) are really good cigars.

    To address the flavored vs. infused question: from what I understand a flavored cigar’s tobacco is either (a) dipped into the flavoring; or (b) the rolled cigar is injected with the flavoring. I have heard it creates a more pronouced scent or flavor than infusing. With infused cigars the tobacco is hung in a room with the scent, oils, etc, and the scent wafts through the air and marries with the tobacco. I have only tried DE’s infused cigars and they are too much so if flavored ciagrs have a more pronouced flavor I will steer clear.

  3. Jerry interesting review…I’m not a big fan of infused cigars myself. So did the infused flavors mellow out over time? Were there any tobacco flavors at all or just those artificial notes? You says “its not that bad” but can interpret that as “its not that good” too?

    My take on infused vs. flavored…my guess if that flavored cigars are dipped where as infused cigars absorb the flavors naturally kind of like osmosis.

  4. Great review as always. I think I’ll pass on this, and most infused cigars. Although Gurka has a decent infused smoke.

    I have to ask… Your video quality is great. What are you using to encode your vids??

  5. Enjoyable review Jerry. Is the entire cigar infused or just the wrapper? I mean, is the cigar rolled then infused or does the infusion happen first?

    If no one likes flavored/infused cigars why do you think they are so popular?

    Are you going to a Red Sox game while in Boston?

  6. Jerry,
    Nice review my friend but I will pass on this cigar myself. Hey I see you are coming to Boston this week so here is a link to the cigar establishments in Boston.

    Click here and go to Mass.

    Hey if you make it to Rhode Island, give me a shout and we will go have a cigar together. My treat of course.

  7. Mitch – I just used an cigar box and threw in a humi tube/stick.

    Mike – I will need to try some of the other non-flavored stuff by Drew Estates. The infused stuff really isn’t my style.

    Kirk – I really didn’t get any natural tobacco flavors when I smoked it. It was vanilla, nut and sugar the entire way with variation in intensity. And I guess you could say “not too good” and “not too bad” are the same. It depends if you’re a half glass full or glass half empty kind of guy. I like being positive. 🙂

    Tom – I’m using iMovie on my Macbook to do everything. Still practicing using Final Cut Express.

    bugsmoran – You know I e-mailed Cigar Masters since they do videos on YouTube and its right around the corner from my hotel but they haven’t replied.

    Josh – I’m really not sure why they are so popular or even how they are made. I’d think the entire cigar is rolled and then infused. And like Mike said, the cap is probably dipped and is why I got that rush of sugar at the start.

    Joel & Josh – By next week I meant the week of May 30 – June 5. I actually have tickets to see the battle for 1st place in the AL East between the Sox and Rays.

  8. I have never really been into the infused cigars so forgive my ignorance but what are the storage problems. Are you concerned about these infused cigars affecting the rest of the cigars in the humidor?

  9. Jerry, Sent an e-mail to cigarmasters. They and I are members of Social Cigar and post often. I told them it would be great if you guys did a review together. Hope they get back to you. If you make it up to NewHampshire let me know. It would be great to meet you and treat you to a fine cigar. Castro’s in Nashua or Two Guys in Salem and Nashua. Not to far from Boston and great places to sit and relax with a good stick.


  10. Nice review Jerry! I know you say flavored cigars aren’t your thing but you were pretty open minded about this one so maybe this can start a series of reviews about premium infused cigars. I know I enjoy the CAO flavored guys from time to time. Just a thought.

  11. Jerry sorry to hear you were sick during the Armed Services Open House at Andrews a few weeks back but thanks for sending your dad. Not sure if you’ve talked to him since but he has a package from me to you. Has a couple of the Pacific Cigars that Walt reviewed that I found at the golf club on Andrews.

    Enjoyed the review…I’ve smoked a lot of the Java by Drew Estates and I think that should be your next infused cigar review. You won’t get any of that overbearing sugar taste that you described. I know you like coffee and nutty flavors in your cigars so the Java maybe right up your alley.

  12. brian – you hit the nail on the head. You don’t want to store your flavored cigars with your non-flavored cigars. Those infused flavors will definitely rub off and infuse your other cigars. You need to either store them separate or create some kind of barrier between them like putting the infused in a ziplock bag.

    bugsmoran – hopefully I will hear back from them. I have a video recorded just in case I can’t find a joint but it would be much cooler if I can record on location.

    Gary – I don’t know whether I’m brave enough to do a series on flavored cigars. I may do one more on the Java by Drew Estates as I get a lot of mail about reviewing those.

    Rob – I saw my dad this weekend and he did indeed deliver your package. Maybe the AF is blocking my e-mails to you LOL but thanks for the generous package. You are probably the 20th person in the past 24 hours to mention the Java to me…I guess I need to add it to the list.

  13. Paul – I switch music when I post a review thats covering for someone else or in this case when the cigar isn’t something I normally would smoke.

    Anyone wanna guess which I received more of? Emails about trying the Java or emails about what happened to my normal music? I even got one that said “don’t f*ck with the music man”. LOL

  14. I just received the Drew Estates Copper and I was not a fan. I have tied most all the cigars in the Natural and Acid line and some I like and most I don’t. I think I am just not a fan of heavily flavored cigars. I have a few friends that love them but I will stick with the tried and true Ashton’s

  15. Jerry,
    I just stumbled on your review – interesting. Quality audio and video.
    My buddy just purchased a box of the Copper yesterday and we will be trying them out in Cali next week on vacation. ( I guess out doors ) Personally I am a big fan of Jonathon”s creations, his Acid One is a favorite of mine, which I believe is infused with Sangria. A few years back they came out with the Sauza infused cigars, unfortunately we were instantly hooked on them. Today you can’t find them anywhere. These were infused with Sauza Tequila – I would classify them as a mild to medium cigar. Absolutely delicious with good construction, a great steady burn – decent ash, and a delightful aroma – no complainants at the Casino.
    Bottom line is that, if the gang at Drew Estates didn’t fill a market niche they wouldn’t be making these wonderful cigars for us to smoke and escape from our everyday problems. I am always looking for something to replace the Sauza and maybe the Copper will be it. In the meantime if anybody knows where a couple of Katrina Survivors can pick up a Sauza or two – let us know.

    “Laissez les bon temps roule”

  16. The Legends Copper Label is an excellent cigar. It is the only cigar I found that will not leave a nasty taste in your mouth the next morning. My wife loves them so we get to enjoy cigars together without the bad taste. All of DE infused cigars are great. I also like non-fused or regular cigars as long as they are long filler cigars and hand rolled. Go DE!

  17. I smoked a CI Legends: Copper Label last night on New Years Eve. Id purchased it about a week before and had no idea it was an infused cigar. The sweet cap is very noticeable when you put it in your mouth (like a Baccarat) but its not unpleasant. I enjoyed the cigar very much and the flavors are so subtle I really didnt notice them. Jerry didnt care for the aroma but my buddy (who is a cigarette and very seldom cigar smoker) noted that he thought the cigar smelled great. Ill definitely pick up a couple more from the shop. Thanks for the review.

  18. Thanks for taking the time to put such a “sweet” review of an even “sweeter” cigar. As a matter of fact I’ve been confused since I’ve tasted this cigar for the first time last Friday. Just like you I usually don’t like infused cigars but as I kept puffing on this stogie I noticed that the sweetness was replaced by a nice, steady, and smooth tobacco flavor, with just hints of almonds. The confusion came from the fact that I actually liked this cigar and wasn’t sure if it would be a bad thing getting a box of 20…
    I guess I will!

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