Beginner Basics with Tom and Ed

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Beginner Basics with Tom and Ed

While I’m slacking off and working on other aspects of the site. Tom and Ed were kind enough to fill in for me with an excellent video to help the new cigar smoker along. Along with the information for beginners, Tom and Ed smoke and review a new Canimao blend.

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17 thoughts on “Beginner Basics with Tom and Ed

  1. Comment love incoming!

    Ed & Tom, great beginners’ guide! You guys are always a blast to watch! And again, great music selection, always looking forward to the next video!

    Thanks guys!

  2. Joel, on June 6th, 2008 at 11:09 am Said:
    Ed & Tom

    Your review was most “excellent” and I believe informative to all new cigar smokers. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to your next review. Oh and thanks for the bonus photo of Brian.

    Hey Brian now you have to one up Mc’Lovin! (LOL)

  3. Thanks Mike and Joel.

    The video ran a little long, but Ed felt a video starting with the very basics of smoking was needed (as did I).

    I intended on not mentioning the Brian pics, but Ed changed his mind during filming. Now we’ve sparked a war with Stogie Review (If you fight one, you fight them all). They won’t attack Ed for obvious reasons, so take it easy on me Brian (Ballface!).


  4. Great jobs guys! i just wish the guy in the middle would have spoken a little more! lol. Very interesting about tasting steak in some cigars. Sounds delicious. Might be more along Drew Estates line. What do you think, an A1 infused cigar? mmmmmm.

  5. Excellent Video Tom and Ed. Great production fromat. I am not a beginner but the video was so interesting that I watched all the way to the end. Keep up the good job!

  6. Luke/Alex -Thanks for watching. There’s always something to learn hangin with Ed.

    Jon – I think you may be having a Windows media player issue (the vid isn’t in flash). Not to shamelessly plug my blog, but click my name and you can view a flash version there.

  7. Wonderful review guys! This should be very helpful to a lot of beginners. Tom and Ed seem so genuinely nice, if you guys weren’t so far away I would stop in and have a smoke with you both. I thought it was cute that you guys speared the cigars at the end. When I first say it done by Walt I thought it was a bit much. Then I tasted great cigars and found myself doing the same thing! Thanks to these videos, everyone can always learn something new.

  8. Well done!!! watched your review while smoking a hoyo 1066 maduro excal..
    An obvious different smoke than what you reviewed, but after many years smoking I still learned allot…Thank you both

  9. Thank you! I have been smoking cigars now and then for about 5 years now, and I’ve watched an untold amount of “beginner” videos and read countless cigar reviews. This was by far the most informative beginners guide I have ever watched, and thanks to you guys I smoked a cigar correctly for the first time ever, just tonight. It was a NUB Cameroon (4×60) and it tasted like wood-fired, chocolate covered espresso beans. My cherry’s been popped! Thanks again.

  10. Josh – Glad it helped! Once you starting noticing all of the flavors it really takes enjoyment to the next level. And your at the right site – Stogie Review RULES!

  11. In the military stationed in a cold weather climate. I live in enlisted quarters and unable to enjoy a cigar in the privacy of my own residence. When I smoke outside the sub zero temperature causes the cigar to split within seconds. Asking around the unanimous responses fellow smokers were to wait until winter passes. My out of the box thinking father had a unique suggestion; to chill the cigars in the refrigerator for an hour or so prior to bringing outside. He pointed out that law enforcement in extreme cold weather environments have a cold room for their side arms to prevent rapid condensation from forming leading to a rusty firearm. Looking for feedback from the community or Tips and Tricks. Thank you.

  12. Here are the results of my experiment.

    Cigar: La Estrella Cubana “R” Robusto. I took neodad45’s (cigarbid) advice and chose a toothy wrapped maduro.

    Weather: 28 °F / -2 °C, Light Snow Mist. Wind 6 mph / 9 km/h / 2.6 m/s from the SW.
    About half an inch of snow fall while smoking the cigar.

    Total time: 75 minutes

    Chill time 90 minutes

    All and all it turned out well. A small section of the wrapper came off but the burn line held steady even with the wind and occasional snow flakes landing on the stick. The cigar did not warp, crack or split in anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that the experiment turned out as well as it did. I do recommend should anyone choose to duplicate my experiment, that they bring along a thermos of coffee.

    I can see me smoking outside once every week or two. Though my daily smoking hole will remain indoors, in the warmth of the canteen in my local VFW chapter.

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