J. Fuego Delirium

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J. Fuego Delirium

J. Fuego - Delirium - 1Brand: J. Fuego
Vitola: Belicoso
Length: 5.50
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Corojo from Costa Rica
Filler: Honduran and Nicaraguan Corojo (50/50 Blend)
Country of Origin: Honduras
Price Point: Aprox. $7.50

In December of 2006 a new cigar began to circulate around local cigar shops as well as generate a little discussion among the cigar forums. These cigars were crafted by one Jesus Fuego, which some may recognize as the blender behind lines such as the Don Tomas, Helix, Defiance and a couple of other common names.

After a long family tradition which goes back to 1876, Jesus made the decision to branch out and create a blend that was all his own. Upon release of his Natural and Gran Reserva – Corojo No 1, the J. Fuego name has become increasingly popular.

Around the time of the initial release, Jesus Fuego began working on a particular blend which sported a Brazilian Maduro wrapper, Costa Rican Corojo binder, and Corojo filler from both Nicaragua and Honduras. The cost of such cigar, at that point in time, was price-prohibitive forcing the blend to be put on the back burner. After a year on the back burner the blend was able to be revisited making for a more reasonably priced cigar.

Pre Light:
J. Fuego - Delirium - 2
At first glance the J. Fuego Delirium isn’t much of an eye catcher. It has a simple and classy band with plain colors. The wrapper leaf itself is dark brown in color with splotchy dark spots throughout. There is a single protruding vein which runs the length of the second wrapping of the leaf.

When pinched I found the cigar to be fiirm and consistently packed from head to foot. The formation of the cap is mildly lumpy with a firm feel when compressed. The aroma on the foot is rich and reminds me of the smell of damp soil. The aroma on the wrapper is similar but had a dryer sort of aroma, similar to mulch.

First Third:
J. Fuego - Delirium - 3
After a simple toast and light session I had my J. Fuego Delirium evenly lit and producing a generous supply of smoke. The initial body started off in the medium range while the finish was a little on the dry side.

The primary flavor that stands out from the very first puff is a nice cocoa flavor. The nice part of the flavor was that it wasn’t a traditional style cocoa flavor, the key difference was that paired with the dryness it was similar to cocoa powder. Each puff presented this enjoyable flavor that parched the palate slightly and created a nice bit of character. The flavors in the background included leather, wood, and a mixture of sweet and spicy.

In the burning department, this stick was doing well. The ash was light in color while being compacted and firmly planted on the stick. The burn line was thin and even while producing an average amount of resting smoke. The draw had a slight resistance and provided me with a good supply of dense smoke.

Second Third:
J. Fuego - Delirium - 4
As I rounded the forty five minute mark I found myself into the second third of my J. Fuego Delirium. The body was taking a slow but steady path into the fuller end of the medium spectrum while the finish was developing a mild creamy texture.

The base flavor was also making a change from dry cocoa powder to more of a bitter, stout like flavor. The new flavor paired with the mildly creamy finish was a nice change of pace to the already enjoyable cocoa flavor of the first third. In the background I began to pick up a bakers chocolate sort of flavor as well as the leather and woody notes from the previous third.

The ash continued to be fairly light in color while the burn line became slightly wavy. The draw remained nice with a slight resistance which kept my from over-puffing while producing a nice supply of thick, flavorful smoke.

Final Third:
J. Fuego - Delirium - 5
During the final third the body continued to slowly move deeper into the medium spectrum. The intensity of the flavors grew along with the body while I detected no change in overall strength (nicotine kick). The finish continued to develop more of a creamy texture on the tongue and walls of the mouth.

The primary flavor remained reminiscent of a stout style beer with a growing bitterness that became even more enjoyable with the elevated body and texture of finish. The background flavors remained the same for the most part but seemed to develop a little more depth and character.

The burning characteristics of the cigar remained solid. The ash was fairly light in color while holding firm for about an inch before dropping off into the ashtray. Upon falling the ash maintained its shape in the ashtray. The resting smoke seemed about average, as was the burn rate.

Final Thoughts:
Overall I found the Delirium to be a pleasant smoke. As with my previous example of a J. Fuego, in the form of the Defiance, the flavors come across as very unique. While the descriptions may sound like traditional Maduro flavors, they really come across as something special.

I would certainly recommend this cigar to any smoker that enjoys a rich Maduro smoke with a lot of flavor and character behind it. Keep an eye out for J. Fuego, if he continues to produce cigars such as this and the Defiance, I think you will begin to hear his name as often as you hear the word Pepin.

Happy Smoking

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24 thoughts on “J. Fuego Delirium

  1. Walt,
    I really enjoyed the outside review. It seemed to be more of a sitting around smoking with friends and telling what you liked about the cigar, than a “classroom” like environment. I’m not saying your normal reviews inside are bad, but this seems more relaxed and it looked like you enjoyed the cigar more, even if you felt lost (at least that’s how it felt to me) on your setup.
    The cigar looks like something I might try if I see one in my B&M, but not on a regular basis at that price.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Outside or inside, they’re all good reviews. You might include a “roadside sobriety test” next time just for fun.

  3. Walt,

    The outside review rocks. A tent with some lighting might do you some justice when the sun goes down but, as Rocky indicated above, it’s more relaxing to watch than the ‘classroom’ approach.

    Keep on smokin’ bro. And thanks for the honest and unbiased review.



  4. Walt I enjoyed the review a lot. The “feel” of the video made me think I was sitting right there with you. Very nicely done.

  5. Like the guys said before, the ouside setting is great! 3 words though…weed-and-feed! JK brotha, awesome review. J Fuego’s s are officially added to my ever growing list to try.

  6. It threw me for a loop to see you outside after all these years … but I like it. I would just say you may need to start earlier or use some lights if you going to run late. Also you probably need to go back to XP … everyone else has. I like Vista but the thing just has too many corks. I need to get my hands on a J. Fuego smoke. I have not seen them at any of the B&Ms I shop at yet. Keep up the good work.

  7. Walt, very nice review. As the others mentioned, loved the outside theme. I am a lover of the outdoors anyway and do pretty much all my smoking outside so it really made me feel at home. The J. Fuego looks to be a very enjoyable smoke as was the chosen beverage judging by the little smirk that never left your face after half way through both.
    Keep up the good work. Is this work? 🙂

  8. Rocky,
    Being outside was enjoyable, it was nice to get out of my stuffy cigar room for a recording. The most difficult thing to adjust to was cars going past with loud music playing. I was afraid it would wash me out and thats all you would hear.

    Now that I know I don;t have to worry about it I won;t feel like I need to freeze my sentence for the noise to settle down.

    That review was done in my front yard (my back yard is practically useless). The camera drew enough attention to me, I can;t imagine how much a light tent and lighting would stand out.

    Glad to hear it. If I get a nod from you on it being relaxed and enjoyable I know I’m on the right track 🙂

    Right behind my chair is like a vertical climb. The bare spots are from me mountain climbing with my lawn mover…. lol

    The daylight was actually the last thing on my mind, as surprising as that may sound. I’ll definitely take the time of day into consideration next time.

    Mr. B,
    The scotch is good stuff, but not so much with this cigar. I didn’t have much so the smirk must have been nerves or something (shooting in a brand new location and being totally unorganized about it). A nice Stoudt would have made for a nice pairing..

  9. I liked the outside review like the others. Although the inside ones are good too.

    Ed & I figured we’ll do outside reviews when weather & other conditions permit it. It did throw me off at first making a review outside though.

  10. Walt,

    Another fine review and I will look to purchase one of these cigars if I see it my local cigar shop. As for the outside studio, I think its great and the birds in the background adds to what cigar smoking should be “Pure relaxation!” So with that “great job” and look forward to the next review.


  11. The entire point of smoking a cigar is enjoyment… If you are more comfortable outside as opposed to sweating it out inside; then I say go for it.

  12. I loved the “outdoors” review and think you should keep doing it while the weather is pleasant. You can be my bartender any day with the pour you put on that Scotch, hehe. I will definitely be trying a J. Feugo cigar in the near future. Great review as always.

  13. Nice review as always. I’ll be keeping an eye out for them gars. BTW, I just had a San Cristobal at an Ashton Cigar event and they gave us a cigar, Macallan 12 year, and Donnelly 5 spice chocolate to sample. They all worked so well together.

  14. Walt.
    My English is not good enough to tell you how I appreciate the fact that you took the time to smoke and review my humble cigars.
    I’m looking forward for more of your reviews (on any brand).
    As another cigar lover:
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Jesus Fuego.

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