Tatuaje Black (Saturday Supplemental)

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Tatuaje Black (Saturday Supplemental)

This week’s Saturday Supplemental strays a bit from the normal template. Instead of revisiting a cigar that either we’ve reviewed in the past and videoing my thoughts on it, this is a completely new cigar review. Why not do my standard written review for it, you ask? Well, I only have one Tatuaje Black, and for a proper review, I like to smoke at least two cigars. Otherwise, you never know if you got a bum smoke (if it goes badly) or an amazing exception. I know, videoing it doesn’t change that, but I couldn’t pass up sharing the experience in some way.

If you haven’t heard, the word is that the Tatuaje Black is Pete Johnson’s personal smoke, and hasn’t been available to purchase until this year. Of course, I use the word “available” loosely. If you’ve tried to find some of these recently, you know nobody has them. The good news is that sometime soon, these will be available again in ceramic jars of 19 cigars.

I really outta thank the guy who handed me one of these at a recent Blue Havana II herf. (Man I wish I remembered his name.) If you happen to stumble onto this review, thanks for hookin’ me up!

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 5 5/8 x 46
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Unknown (Possibly Nicaragua?)
Smoking Time: 1 3/4 hours
Beverage: Coffee, water
Price: ~ $12.00 a stick

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10 thoughts on “Tatuaje Black (Saturday Supplemental)

  1. As always, a great video review. I always enjoy these Saturday Supplementals. I was bummed that I wasn’t retaliated against in the video, but was pleasently suprised in the end.

  2. HAHA, finally you got even with McLovin! Hey great review and though I want to try this cigar, I’m not in a big rush to pay the $12.00 price tag. The draw alone makes me wonder if its really worth the money. Anyways you have to admit that you really can’t go wrong with anything Pepin as his hands in.


  3. Brian … I love these Tats (all Tats for that matter) .. so glad to actually see a video review of them .. you gotta be the first person to even do a video review of them! awesome. The Tat Blacks and my PAMS are my prize possessions in life. Great review!

  4. Thanks for putting me onto those Alden shoes. At a “Best Deal” price of only $557.00 a pair, I’ll now have the perfect thing to “pair” with my cigars, that is if I can afford any.

  5. Like your reviews but your whistling sound as you speak is a little bit hard to listen to after a while…nothing personal because I do enjoy your segments.

  6. Thanks guys,
    This video was an immensely satisfying experience. (If Joe heard me say that aloud, he’s ears would probably be bleeding now. LOL) Especially the end. I’m glad to see it was well received! I fully expected a bunch of WTF?! comments.

    As usual, I’m at a loss for words to respond to your comment. But that doesn’t keep me from typing anyway.

    No offense taken. I’ve been told that before. However, if you continue to watch my videos you’ll slowly lose the ability to hear those higher pitched sounds and all will be well. Or I could look into getting a better mike/sound equipment. (I kinda prefer the partial deafness scenario though, it costs less.)

  7. Great Smoke. I can honestly say I enjoy everything I have smoked that Pete makes. I got my hands on these early on and have been a fan ever since. Great Review….ThanX

  8. Great review. I was gifted one of these and am saving it…not sure what for, but I’ll know when it happens.

    I had to laugh at how many times you phone rang (buzzed) in this review, lol. I didn’t count, but it was more than 1/2 dozen. Dude–your phone probably has a silence NON vibrating mode…

    As with all the video reviews on this site, I like them, but would prefer to see more editing done…too long to watch unless I just leave the audio in the background while I do something else. And there are certianly bits here and there that could be cut with no loss. My $.02.

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