Perfect cigar and drink pairings

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Perfect cigar and drink pairings

Cigar and Drink PairingsOver the past two months or so I have found myself increasingly interested in cigar and drink pairings. It all started after listening to an episode of Dog Watch Cigar Radio when Bob talked about this excellent small batch coffee known as Black Dog. I ordered up a couple of bags and began my journey of pairing coffee and cigars.

Several weeks later, came my interest for pairing alcoholic beverages with cigars. Once again by listening to Dog Watch, Dale got me thinking about how I might dip my toes into the world of cigars and single malt scotch.

I also read an interesting list put together by Jesse of Cigar Jack on pairing cigars and Rum. While I haven’t gotten to this just yet, it is certainly on my list of things to try.

Since trying these different pairings, I’ve been completely amazed at how a good beverage can make an already good smoke that much better.

My absolute favorite pairings so far include:

Top Shelf Signature Select Black Label and Macallen 12 Year Single Malt Scotch

Non Alcoholic:
Flor de Oliva Gold and Stumptown Sumatra Lake Tawar

What is your favorite cigar and drink pairing?

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11 thoughts on “Perfect cigar and drink pairings

  1. I just bought a bottle of Balvenie 12yr Double Barrel Single Malt Scotch. Had some last night with a NUB Cameroon 466. A nice sweet and spicy combo. Its my first bottle of scotch and I need to get some 12 year Macallan as well. I went to a Ashton Event and they provided a pairing of a San Cristobal and Macallan 12 year. Its my best pairing yet.

  2. For an alcoholic drink, Glenlivet 12 year. For me, it seems to pair well with most cigars I smoke.

    For non-alcoholic drinks, I prefer diet A&W cream soda. It complements a mild cigar very well and for more full bodied cigars, the soda offsets the strength. If I don’t have that, bottled water works fine too.

  3. Dale’s article pushed me over the edge too…..tried my first single malt scotch last nite, Dalmore 12 yr old, paired with a RP Connie (my trusted mild friend that never lets me down). A great experience….will try a med bodied cigar next…..looking forward to the new journey tks to SR and Dogwatch. You guys are the best.

  4. While single malt scotch is great, I’ve found that the blended varieties tend to be compatable with more smokes. Also, I’m a sucker for a good Irish whisky with a smoke. They tend to be crisper, and pair well with mild to medium bodied cigars. Red breast, 12yr Bushmills, Tullamore Dew, and Jameson’s are staples in my liquor cabinet.

  5. San Cristobal and Pyrat XO Reserve rum is the best match I’ve found so far. I’m usually an Irish whiskey or bourbon guy when I smoke. Slowly getting into scotch.

  6. Walt,

    This is a little off topic, but are you in Portland or do you get your Stumptown through mail order?

    As far as pairings lately I’ve been drinking a local beer Double Mountain IRA with most of my cigars and it so far paired the best with a San Cristobal.

  7. Leems,
    One of our regulars here, Big Jake, lives in the area and traded coffee for cigars.

    The 3 varieties of Stumptown bean that I have tried so far has been great. I’m looking forward to sampling more bean in the future.

  8. Walt,

    They can be pretty good, and have a huge selection. Their shop is actually a bit overwhelming but they will make you a single cup out of any of their beans. If you find yourself in Portland definitely make it a stop!

    My personal favorite local coffee right now is Ristretto Roasters ( their selection isn’t as expansive but I like their style of roasting a little better.

  9. Great article with lots of info. All this talk of pairing up different beverages with a cigar makes me want to take up drinking again.

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