Oliva Serie G – Special G

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Oliva Serie G – Special G

This weeks guest review comes to us courtesy of Nathan from An American Front Porch. This time around Nathan smokes the Oliva Serie G in the Special G format.

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8 thoughts on “Oliva Serie G – Special G

  1. Funny, I saw Dave Wagner this past Saturday and always enjoy speaking with him about the Oliva cigars.
    Oliva cigars always burn well and are an excellent cigar for the price.. Great prices on all there cigars. The Oliva serie G is one of my go to smokes during the afternoon.
    I agree it’s a nice earthy cigar.
    Excellent review Nate!! Enjoying hearing from you.

  2. Great Review, Nathan!

    I am really starting to like the G series. I had a Special G a couple weeks ago, and while it was a litle grassy, the flavors were very enjoyable.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I like the Oliva Serie G alot, but I didn’t like it so much in the Special G size. It’s just too small for me, and was easy to heat up and make the flavors harsh. I also noticed it was a bit more peppery than usual.

  4. Nate, love the Floyd. Another great review buddy. I love your enthusiasm toward a ciger you are enjoying. I need to get my hands on a few of these. I love a Good, short smoke.
    Thanks again. Keep em’ coming.

  5. Great review again Nate. Smoking a Special G maduro right now. And yeah, they are always on my highly reccommended list.

    As for the podcast, love it but maybe cut down the football talk a tad, a bit regionalcentric for me. 😀

  6. Hey folks!

    As always, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you all taking the time.

    Steve– we figured that would be the case for some folks, but college football is something we’re passionate about, and believe it or not, it’s why some folks tune in. We wanted to bring a little something for everybody, and who knows…the PorchCast might turn some former non-enthusiasts to the dark side 😉

    Thanks for listening, and bearing with us as we grow.

  7. Great review… I bought a box of Serie G Robustos during the winter. I love them. I find they start off a bit spicy and then that Cameroon sweetness kicks in. Everyone of them I have smoked to the nub so far.

    Regarding the Nub Cameroons. Last time I was in the US, I picked up a couple of the Nub 464 Cameroons. I did not mind it but it really did not make the same impact as the Serie G did.

    Way to go on the review. Happy 4th to my US-based friends from Canada!

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