Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 & Rocky Patel Renaissance

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Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 & Rocky Patel Renaissance

Same as the other post…a short video showing off the Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 and high rez pics of the Rocky Patel Renaissance. I twittered some low rez pics so this post will give you a better look at both:

In the past the big disappointment about the Tribute was that it was hard to find being limited to only 1,200 boxes total. To make it easier to find and give more retailers a chance to carry the 2008 Tribute but keep its uniqueness, 1,200 boxes of each of the three sizes will be made. The 2008 Tribute filler consists of Esteli and Jalapa tobacco out of Nicaragua. The video shows off the 5 year old rich, oily Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. This popular sweet and spicy wrapper has undergone three fermentations and according to the Toraño’s is a well balanced medium to medium-full bodied smoke.

More pictures of the 2008 Tribute can be found on Flickr

Not much new from Toraño this year. Outside of the Tribute, Toraño introduces three new line extensions. This new line extension features a new Exodus (Gold) Churchill (6.75 x 47) and a Toro Gordo (5.5 x 55) for their Exodus Silver line. The third is a new Virtuoso shape, which goes by the name “Baton.” It’s a classic Cuban Lancero (7.5 x 38), the smaller ring gauge will emphasize the sweet, spicy character of the sun grown wrapper that is grown on their farm in Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua.


I don’t know anything about the Rocky Patel Renaissance. I really couldn’t get anyone at their booth to talk to me about mainly asking me to come back later in the show. Since I was only there one day the only thing I overheard from some of the sales reps talking to a retailer is that the Renaissance will be available in September 2008 and to expect their Fall blend from their Seasonal collection around the same time.

More picturs of the Rocky Patel Renissance can be found on Flickr


11 thoughts on “Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 & Rocky Patel Renaissance

  1. Both look amazing! I might consider spending more than my normal price range for a stick for that Tribute.

    Thanks for the coverage guys!

    And Jerry, teach Brian how to tweet will ya?!


  2. Very nicely done and thanks for the info. I follow you on Twitter between the content you posted there as well these clips, its the best thing next to being there. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the info Jerry! You may have only been there one day but you got a lot of great info, pics and video that I haven’t come across on any of the other blogs. So it looks like you made the most of it. Will we see a wrap up of your experience sometime?

  4. Again, sweet footage Jerry! Definitely made your one day worth it huh? Between this and Twitter you gave us a nice, clean, simple approach to covering IPCPR. I know Walt is doing his daily diary but I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar from you as well.

  5. Daniel – still no luck on the job front huh? I’m sure something will come your way soon. Keep your head up.

    Doc – Pics and video don’t do it justice man. Up close both of these cigars looked so yummy. It was tough not to break thru the glass and grab them both.

    Mitch & Vic – thanks! I just kind of did my own thing and had fun with it. You know me, I don’t take anything very seriously but it always turns out nice.

  6. Mitch & Vic – oh yeah, I will be doing a “round up” over on my personal blog since it will be about my whole trip to Vegas which will include some IPCPR and some personal stuff like seeing Jersey Boys and stuffing myself like pig. 🙂

  7. I love these little video clips Jerry! Very nicely done…like I said in another comment you and Walt really did a great job keeping us informed and up to date from the convention floor. Twitter, videos, pics…you guys rock!

  8. Coming back to this post I see that this is just further confirmation that Rocky Patel is a business man more than a cigar man.

    What cigar man wouldn’t want to talk cigars with people/press?

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