Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)

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Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)

This weeks guest review comes courtesy of Nathan. This week the Alec Bradley Tempus is featured.

When you finished check out Brian’s written review on the Alec Bradley Tempus.

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8 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)

  1. Not sure why I am submitting this but liked your review and never done one of my own so wtf… I’m sitting here smoking the churchill; my first time trying Tempus. At first all I got was pepper, but as it subsided it became dry and earthy with some nut tones and every now and then hints of cedar. Has a fantastic draw and an ok burn. I agree that it does not hold an ash very well, but in the same vein as you mentioned I ain’t going to trash the thing just because it can’t hold an ash over an inch. As the first 3rd drew to a close started picking up some dark cocoa flavors, and maybe some hints of sweetness. The second 3rd continued with the cocoa but the sweetness evolved and fruit flavors started to kick in though the dryness and earth still remained. Throughout the second 3rd the fruitiness seemed to evolve into more prominent cedar tones. I found very little pepper during the second third, but in the final 3rd the pepper started to kick in again – though much mellower than at the beginning of the smoke. One nice touch I thought is that the band has a little tab making removal a snap (whether by design or not, its like a little pull tab). Started to really pick up some nuttiness in the final third along with the cocoa and cedar. The cedar tones became more woody, and started to pick up some more fruit as the final third progressed. By midway through the final third pretty much just got earth, wood, and every now and then a touch of fruit; both the cedar tones and the pepper seem to be gone.. Its still dry and making the back of my throat scratchy. I also found myself having to touch up the burn a few of times and had to relight it once. The final inch was still earthy and woody with leather becoming predominant. The cigar lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Appearance wise its a gorgeous cigar. The flavor complexities are nice and I would call it a great stick if it weren’t for the dryness; who knows maybe some aging will cure that. Because of this I don’t think I would recommend the cigar. I bought a box, but probably won’t smoke another for a couple of months. I hope you don’t mind me rambling on like this – Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Gawd…couldn’t enjoy the review due to all the blatant plugs for other things (one of the many reasons why I love Stogie Review0. Give me Ed and Tom as a guest reviewer any day. My 2 cents. Not trying to be mean…but come on.

  3. Personally, I don’t see why people bother giving reviews of cigars that they have only smoked ONCE. That’s why I tend to like Jerry and Walt’s reviews–they review the stick they are smoking, sure, but it’s one that they have smoked at least a few of before (and give us comparisons). Most cigars have some variation, especially when they are not aged, not to mention variation within the line itself. It’s just plain silly to judge a cigar by one stick.

    That being said, the mechanics of this review were just fine and he did a good job, though I thought there were too many “commercials” in it (but at least they were short plugs instead of long tirades).

  4. yeah that cigar is dry….. or tannic… with not much complexity or flavor, tastes like dry fall leaves from the October floor……next..

  5. Right now I’m smoking the Centuria and with this being my first AB cigar, figured I’d go for the “Big Daddy’ of them all and wow, what a mistake. The cigar to me has a very medicine-ish taste, not really harsh but almost acidic, and the burn factor wow, I don’t think I’ve experience a worst burning and flaking cigar ever, the ash looks like a someone rolled up a newspaper and torched the end of it!

    Flavor-wise, I barely taste some cocoa/nutty notes as others have listed above, they come and go occasionally but still returns to that “fresh-out-of-the-hospital” taste :X

    Physically, the cigar looks beautiful, with an excellent draw and lighting the foot was easy right after clipping, but I’m afraid that’s all this cigar has to offer … if you want to try a newer fantastic cigar, I’d recommend the Carlos Torano 2008 Tribute.

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