IPCPR 2008: Devil’s Weed

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IPCPR 2008: Devil’s Weed


Probably one of the most interesting cigar names out there is Devil’s Weed, a cigar produced by the Molina Cigar Co. out of Pensacola FL.

Their literature tells the story of how Christopher Columbus (Colon) brought the tobacco plant back with him to Spain and how the Spanish Inquisition condemned tobacco referring to it as the “devil’s weed”. Fast forward to this century and the name of the cigar may turn a few heads and get people to grumble about both the “devil” and “weed” part.

When I visited the Devil’s Weed booth at IPCPR I asked one of their reps if they have had any push back from the name of the cigar and he indicated that if anything, its given them a lot of attention to show off what their cigar has to offer.

As for the details, Devil’s Weed is available is 6 different sizes ranging from the Churchill sized Queen Bess (7×48) to a shorter smoke called the 515 (5.25×48). All sizes come in boxes of 25 and feature an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, Dominican binder and a filler comprised of 4 different leaves from the Dominican. Devil’s Weed is considered an “anytime-of-the-day smoke” and mild-to-medium in strength. Retail price for singles of the Devil’s Weed range from $4.99 (515 I mentioned above) to $6.35 (Colon – 5.5×48) with wholesale boxes ranging from $62-$72.

More pictures of the Devil’s Weed can be found over at Flickr.


11 thoughts on “IPCPR 2008: Devil’s Weed

  1. I’ve smoked two of these so far and I’m still on the fence. The first one was very enjoyable but the 2nd one didn’t strike me the way the first did. I have two left so I think it’s going to be time for a guest review. 🙂

  2. What’s the cigar wrapped in? Is it a paper sleve?

    All Dominican filler doesn’t sound too exciting to me.

  3. Don’t let the name turn you off. Its actually a pretty decent cigar. The few I’ve had were smooth with a very nice floral aroma. Let us know what you think!

  4. Greetings Stogie Review,

    I would like to thank Stogie Review and Jerry for publishing information and spreading the word to you smokers about Devil’s Weed. I appreciate all feedback and would like to know about everyone’s thoughts about the cigar. I am sure many of you are very discriminating smokers and I am always enthused to hear your feedback and honest opinions! Email us at info@molinacigar.com if you have any questions for us.

    Also know that we are working on a fuller-bodied and more complex blend in time for Christmas (so if this mild-bodied cigar is not your cup of tea, then this fuller-bodied smoke may do it for you!).

    We hope to see you soon at your local smokeshop!


    Luis Molina

  5. I forgot to answer Doc’s question about the paper sleeve; this first batch was a pre-official release packaging; all future shipments will be wrapped in a white-tissue a la El Rey del Mundo!

  6. I was given a Devil’s Weed cigar by the owner during one of his travels to a local cigar shop – I was impressed upon smoking it, even with reservations in mind. I have since bought more for my humidor.

    Devil’s Weed is a good, solid cigar. It might start out a little raw, but it quickly turns into a smooth and mild smoke. The burn is even and the finish is mild – no aftertaste at all. Devil’s Weed goes well with coffee in the morning – have yet to have it with any type of liquor.
    My batch has gotten better over time while sitting in my humidor.
    The name is a conversation starter at the very least and the history is a good story.

    Give Devil’s weed a chance . . .

  7. Luis has a real winner here. I tend to lean towards medium to full body smokes. The Devil’s Weed certainly doesn’t meet that criteria. It does however provide a smooth, mild smoke with real flavor. I have added this to my list of cigars that I keep in my humidor.

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