IPCPR 2008 – Gurkha Booth Tour

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IPCPR 2008 – Gurkha Booth Tour

So there we were…(we meaning, myself, Brian, Walt and Cigar Jack) just wanting to take a peak at the Gurkha booth. Some of us decided to sit down when “the boss” asked me if “we are being helped?” I said “no” and the boss shouts out to a rep to “take care of us”. Seeing as we weren’t retailers I thought we were gonna be asked to leave and come back later. I’m terrible with names and so my apologies to the Gurkha rep for not remembering his but he did a great job of taking us around everything Gurkha has to offer retailers at this year’s show and being very generous with samples for us all. Video runs 8:38…enjoy!


9 thoughts on “IPCPR 2008 – Gurkha Booth Tour

  1. Don’t know how anyone keeps count of all the stuff coming from Gurkha. Not only are there the “super-premium” stuff shown in this video (Beast, Beauty, Dragon, Status, etc, and all their variants) but they have the “regular premium” stuff like the Shaggy, Class Regent, and Centurion. Just perusing the list at C-Bid, I’m counting about 23 different lines of cigars–not counting all the sizes and variants within those lines–and that doesn’t come close to describing their catalog. I don’t see any Grand Age, G3, or Avenger on the list.

    I would like to volunteer to the Gurkha company to be an official consumer product tester. Just send me one of each type of cigar that you make or market (made by another company) and I’ll evaluate each one in turn! 🙂

  2. Wow…Its a good thing I can’t really afford to get into Gurkha’s…seeing all of that stuff is really daunting, and just turns me off on the whole brand. But I have to admit that they have some of the most eye-catching packaging in the biz.

  3. I am impressed with the Gurkha rep taking you around. They gave a very nice interview and shows the respect they have for interviewers as well as the vendors. Nice of them to not shuffle you guys to the side just becuase your not going to retail a bunch of thier cigars. They took a good opportunity for some free advertising hehehe.

  4. Great comments Dave. Once again I agree completely. I’m a fan of Gurkha (as long as I can get cbid prices) and look forward to trying any I can get my hands on for a decent price.
    Their Costa Rican wrappers are the best!

  5. Jerry I’m going to assume you’re the tech gadget guru of the site? Your videos and audio quality are amazing. I read another comment asking for a run down of your equipment and I’d like to know what you use, why you use it and your whole post production process because your video and audio quality is probably some of the best stuff I’ve seen.

    Anyway, like many I’m not a big fan of Gurkha mainly because the stuff I want to try has price tags out of my range or the stuff I do get isn’t all that great. Add to it SR hasn’t reviewed much Gurkha either…I’ll take SR opinion over the Rob Report any day.

  6. Nice camera work Jerry…glad you didn’t get kicked out of their booth. I agree with everyone’s thoughts on Gurkha. I’m sure someone enjoys their cigars, just not me.

  7. That tour guide sure earns his money.

    Someone bombed me with a Gurhka Crest a while back … I didn’t know they were so expensive. Though I was thankful for the bomb, the cigar did not make much of an impression on me.

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