IPCPR 2008 – Day 2

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IPCPR 2008 – Day 2

Day two of the show has come to a close and Brian and I were a little more productive today. We started out at one end of the convention center and went booth to booth, seven hours later we covered half the floor and plan to pick up where we left off on day 3.

We had the opportunity to speak to a handful of manufacturers that were very generous with their time as well as a few that simply ignored us all together. After the days festivities we made our way out to the Camacho party once again, which was fantastic. After the Camacho party we made our way to Casa Fuente for a smoke before calling it a night.


    Jameson Cigars:

  • Red label has been reblended and a black label was added to the lineup. Both cigars were very enjoyable.
    Oliva Cigars:

  • An Oliva Serie V Maduro is expected to hit the market in just a few short months. A new letter designation will also be launched at some point in the near future which features a Connecticut wrapper.
    Nub Cigars:

  • A new cigar was not introduced at the show.

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6 thoughts on “IPCPR 2008 – Day 2

  1. What about humidors?
    Anything new and nice in the humidor section?
    Lots of pics and examples of cigars, but no use in expanding my collection if I dont have a place to put ’em.
    Can you give us some info?

  2. So far if I count correctly Don Pepin has made 7 new cigars this year! The Cubao and Mi Barrio both for E.O. Brands. La Riqueza for Pete Johnson. The Benchmade and La Aroma de Cuba for Ashton. And the Tobacos Baez and “My Father ” (which is made by Pepin’s son Jaime in honor of his father) both for his own stable. Rocky Patel has got nothing on Pepin when it comes to new cigars. I just hope Pepin’s quality doesn’t drop off like Rocky’s has on some of his blends.

  3. Walt – head over to the JC Newman area for humidors.

    Mike – Like Walt said, Pepin Garcia Way (there is a sign there that says that) is a mad house. I’m surprised I got to talk to someone on day 1 about the Mi Barrio (limited to 1000 boxes) and the Cubao and to get samples of both. Rocky has his Renaissance line due out in September and his Seasonal blend. I saw the Summer and Fall blends on display there.

  4. Sounds like you guys are working harder than some of the manufacturers. Keep up the good work, and thanks for allowing us to visit the show vicariously through you.

  5. Walt,

    These updates are great. I had the exact same experience at Casa Fuente. The prices are outragouse and they almost demand to cut the cigar for you. The girl at the counter cut my cigar and messed it up bad. I was annoyed but what can you do. I would never pay those prices but when you are in vegas…..ya know.

  6. Walt… good summation of how spread out the Vegas strip is. Getting around was my least favorite thing about the city. Just getting from my hotel room to the front door of the Bellagio took me 10 minutes at a brisk pace…god forbid you forget anything in your room and have to go back.
    And the dudes smacking the call girl cards…ughh. You are lucky you were not hit up by the time share guys. They are vultures…and annoyed me worse.
    So is it true that if you are not a retailer, the only way to get to go to this is the Press Pass route?

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