CAO MX2 (Guest Review)

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CAO MX2 (Guest Review)

While the Stogie Review crew is in Vegas for the annual IPCPR trade show, we have put together a series of guest posts to keep you entertained in our absence. These are our safety net just in case something goes wrong and we can’t post as often as we would like.

This guest review comes courtesy of Nathan from An American Front Porch. This time Nathan reviews the CAO MX2.

Once your finished, check out Walt’s review of the CAO MX2

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7 thoughts on “CAO MX2 (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review. I live outside of Nashville in a quiet little town called Pleasant View. I not only enjoy your reviews, but i like learning more about the Nashville cigar scene.

    I am a big CAO fan and wanted to inquire about the tour? Do they do these regularly? I would love to go check out their headquarters.



  2. “As always” another great review. Keep em’ coming Nate. I truely enjoy your reviews. I started getting into the CAO’s a few months back and the ones I have tried, I really like. I have yet to try the MX2 but I hope to soon. The R.Y.J Vintage maduro you spoke of is a nice smoke also. I had one just last week. It was a smoke that like the MX2, fared well after a few months in the humidor. Until next time, thanks again.

  3. Tyler– thanks! If you haven’t already, check out our PorchCast on itunes. We’re working to set up a Middle Tennessee cigar gathering here very soon. The CAO tours are a ton of fun, shoot me an email.

    Mr. B– It seems that’s the cast with a lot of CAOs, minus the Italia and Sopranos. Those are great right out of the box.

    MJ– no seriously, it’s not me. It’s you ;P

  4. Nate,

    For some reason i can’t get your e-mail link to open. I’ll try it on my laptop later. If you don’t hear from me, please shoot me an e-mail to and then i should be able to reply. The computer i am on right now is acting up.

    I am interested in both the cigar gathering and the tour info.

    I’ll check out the pod casts also.



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