Alec Bradley Maxx (Guest Review)

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Alec Bradley Maxx (Guest Review)

While the Stogie Review crew is in Vegas for the annual IPCPR trade show, we have put together a series of guest posts to keep you entertained in our absence. These are our safety net just in case something goes wrong and we can’t post as often as we would like.

This guest review comes courtesy of Jeremiah all the way from Korea. This time around Jeremiah brings us the Alec Bradley Maxx.

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2 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Maxx (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review Jerimiah. I haven’t tried one of these yet but will now give it a shot. I think I have one hiding the humi somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out. 🙂

    BTW, how do you keep your Stinky so clean? Mine is certainly living up to its name. 😀

  2. Great review as always Jeremiah!

    I was under-impressed with this cigar when I tried it probably a year ago now. I guess I was expecting much more from a cigar named “Maxx” lol. I did pick up many of the flavors your described in your review, but I think I just expected….well….more.

    I think I just need to try another to give it a fair shot.

    Great job! Nice music selection too!

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