Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars talks about his line of boutique cigars

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Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars talks about his line of boutique cigars

Exclusive Cigars - Kristoff Cigars

During Day 3 of the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, Brian and I got to talking to our good friends Bob and Dale of Dog Watch Cigar Radio. While talking, Bob made mention that they were talking with Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars and recommended that we head over and speak with him as well.

Brian and I headed over to Glen’s booth and got to chatting. Glen was very generous with his time and handed us a fist full of cigars to smoke. He even offered to talk on camera about his cigars and we graciously accepted.

Check out our quick video with Glen and listen to what he has to say about his boutique line of cigars.

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8 thoughts on “Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars talks about his line of boutique cigars

  1. Sounds like a great up-and-comer. I think I need to clone myself…too many great cigars, too little time!

  2. We’ll be another Rocky? That’s some big words. I haven’t seen any of their stuff before, but who knows.

  3. Jon,
    Bob and Dale have always talked highly in regards to the Kristoff. At the show Brian even mentioned loving the Maduro.

    I’ve never had one of his products but look forward to trying them.

  4. Oh wait…now that you mention just the word “Kristoff”, I now think that I recognize it. I do remember reading or hearing about a Kristoff somewhere, probably from Bob and Dale at some point. Interesting, I’m looking forward to see how it goes with Exclusive Cigars then.

    I did find the comment funny though, considering one of their cigars is blended by RP.

  5. Good video interview. Was a good production. Not sure where I’ve heard of Kristoff. I’ll have to look around.

  6. I like the Kristoff Criollo pretty well — it’s a good cigar. But the stuff about their being the “fast growing boutique manufacturer” (per their website) and his comment about their presence in the European market sounds a little inflated to me. They entered the “European market” (Spain?) in March of this year. A little premature for the claims made, I think.

    It’s a good cigar. In the end, that’s what matters.

    Thanks for the interview!

  7. Glen, brings a strong passion to his craft. An awesome story and a fabulous cigar. I smoked the Kristoff maduro and it was in my top ten of all time. I was somewhat surprised of the flavors and undertones that I experianced throughout the cigar. A wonderful appearance – a natural oily maduro wrapper.

    I have smoked all kinds of cigars from all over the world from $2-$50 – This cigar is a real treat.

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