Vengeance Torpedo

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Vengeance Torpedo

It’s time for me to light up another smoke from the collection I brought back with me from IPCPR. The interesting thing about the Vengeance is that while it is generally credited to Rocky Patel, who did in fact blend the cigar. However, I didn’t pick this cigar up in the circus that was Rocky Patel booth. (In fact, I never got the time of day the few times I did wander through.)

Instead I picked these up at a booth was the polar opposite of Rocky’s booth in terms of size and density of people. That’s because this cigar is actually owned by Exclusive Cigars. You may not know them by name, but there’s a pretty good chance you know them by reputation, as the maker of the Kristoff Maduro that I reviewed earlier this year. But instead me telling you about the company, why not check out the video we posted earlier of Glen Case (the owner) discussing both the company and their cigar lines? (After you finish reading this review, of course.) Now let’s find out how the Vengeance stacks up against the Kristoff Maduro.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 7 x 50*
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Water
Price: ~$5.70
* This is the official measurement. The cigars were actually closer to 6.125 x 54.

The Pre-Smoke
The Vengeance comes nicely decorated in a cedar sheath and dual bands. While these decorations are pretty nice looking, I’ve noticed that the main band seems to blend in with the wrapper of a cigar in a way that makes it a little difficult to read or distinguish its details at any distance. (Which you will probably notice on many online retailers’ websites.) Or it could be that I need stronger contacts. But one thing you won’t miss though is the golden “Maduro Ligero” text on the foot band.

After sliding the foot band and sheath off the cigar, I noted that the wrapper is thick, dark and oily, with no obvious imperfections. The scent of the wrapper was a very pungent compost with a bit of cocoa, and surprise, surprise, some sweet cedar too. (It’s funny how a cedar sheath will do that.)

After clipping the very sharply pointed cap at a bit of an angle (as I like to do with torpedos), I took a cold taste. I was rewarded with a savory-sweet chocolate flavor.

The Burn
Do you remember the magnificent ash that grew to gravity-defying lengths on the Kristoff Maduro? Well its cousin the Vengeance gave those ashes a run for their money. In your everyday smoking, you’re likely to ash you cigar before you reach the inch and a half point, but it is nice to know that construction is such that you won’t be wearing it if you let it run a little long.

Of course, that isn’t to say there weren’t some burn issues with this cigar. As the cigar burned through the later half of the middle third, the burn line did stray a little bit, the ash did get a little less solid and I did have to relight. But after the cigar burned through this trouble spot, the cigar once again burned like a champ.

The Flavor
The first third of this cigar was all about sweet and creamy flavors. I got a good deal of caramel, toffee, coffee, cedar and a little bit of nuts here and there. One thing that stood out in both cigars was a small pocket of savory, smokey pepper in the midst of the sweeter flavors.

In the second third the flavor was more earthy, chocolatey and a little leathery, but the overall sweetness of the cigar remained. Creamy nutty, sweet cedar and a bit of caramel appeared from time to time.

As the cigar finished up with the last third the flavor remained similar to the second third. Earthy, dark chocolate and bit of occasionally tangy cedar continued to be prominent.

The Price
With an MSRP around $5.70 a stick, or $114 a box, I think this cigar is well priced.

The Verdict
As I mentioned earlier, I was interested in seeing how this cigar stands up against the Kristoff Maduro. I’d say it did very well. It had a generally good burn and was full of very enjoyable flavors. While I still think I like the Kristoff Maduro more, I would be happy to smoke more of these cigars in the future. Based on my experiences so far, I’m definitely looking forward to smoking some of the other lines Exclusive Cigar produces. (Especially the new Kristoff varieties.)

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Very likely
Recommend It: Absolutely

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.

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9 thoughts on “Vengeance Torpedo

  1. Awesome review Brian! I have to track this guy down!

    Maybe you can help Jerry out with cigar choice…it seems like his choices haven’t been as good as your’s.

  2. Awesome!

    I am going to have to plan ahead next year, by saving up money for stogies after IPCPR… all these new sticks “I have to try” are making my credit card melt!

  3. Brian,

    Hello. This is Glen Case, the owner of Exclusive Cigars. Just a short note to say thank you for the review and to clarify the comments about Rocky. The new Veneance Maduro Ligero is not blended by Rocky nor is the new Vengeance Series 98. Only the orginal Vengeance was blended by Rocky. The new blends were done by myself and are made in our factory in the DR. Thanks again for all your support, and it was good seeing you at the show. Best Regards.

  4. Thanks guys!

    And thanks Glen Case for the cigars! I appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and leave a comment (and clarification). I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the others I brought back from the show!

  5. A year in the humidor after my first one, this continues to impress. An exceptional cigar. Great full flavor, good draw. even burn requiring no touch-ups and no bite. Nice job. But living on the Mid-Maine Coast, these are hard to find and — even on line, difficult at best. Worth the search. Recommended.

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