Padilla Obsidian (Guest Review)

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Padilla Obsidian (Guest Review)

This weeks guest review comes courtesy of our friend Steve aka Ratters
from our very own Fan Forums

Cigar: Padilla Obsidian
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua and Honduran corojo
Vitola: Belicoso 6×54
Price: About $5 a stick of CI but you can routinely get the bundles for under $50 on cbid

Sun room, about 85 degrees out. Drinking an IBC root beer. About 4:30pm.

Padilla Obsidian - 1

Once the cello is removed you can see the cigar has a maduro wrapper of very inconsistent coloration. Even though this should be a fault I find it strangely attractive. The cigar is pretty squishy with a couple soft spots. It has been sitting in my humidor at 65% for a minimum of three months. I’m not a fan of belicosos because I can’t peel the cap off but this cut cleanly enough with the Palio. The wrapper has a nice spicy smell to it that tingles the nose. The foot continues the spiciness but with a wet hay component.

Padilla Obsidian - 2

First third:
The resting smoke as I completely lit the foot was very pleasant. The first draws were rewarded with thick clouds of spicy sweet Nicaraguan tobacco. From smoking so many Camachos I can really taste the corojo leaf in there mingling with the maduro sweetness. Right off the bat you can tell it is a hearty smoke, and though not full in strength of nicotine it is definitely full of flavor. Burn is wavy but even and ash is dark and separated. In fact after about 3/4 of an inch it collapsed on to my laptop and exploded.

Padilla Obsidian - 3

Second third:
Well, as I hit the second third I had to give it a touch up. I find that cigars with thick maduro wrappers that are smoked on the slow side tend to burn the filler faster than the wrapper. Happens to me a lot as I’m a very slow and easily distracted smoker. But the flavor continues to be really great. A bitter sweet chocolate flavor with just a tingle of spice on the tongue. I haven’t had one of these in awhile and I must say I’m really enjoying the visit with them again. The body is now in the medium to full range and the nic bite seems to be picking up a tad as well, or I’m just really tired from the day. Smiley Ash continues to be really flaky.

Padilla Obsidian - 4

Final third: Well, all has been great since the touchup. The flavors are bold and tasty. A coffee bitterness has started at the end of the second third that’s really nice. Burn has been wavy but even, though I picked up the pace a bit. Overall a great flavorful earthy smoke so far. The aftertaste is pleasant and lingering. The smoke is wonderful and thick and great for blowing smoke rings. I did have to touch it at about the 2 inch mark, though I think it may have to do with the celing fan blowing down upon it. The body definitely entered the full range and the spice is kicking up a notch though still staying off the back of the throat.

Final thoughts:
I’ve always really enjoyed these though you really have to give them some rest before they’re really smokeable. I had a couple burn issues requiring touchups but nothing that detracted from the enjoyment of the smoke. Smoke time was a bit fast for me at 1:15, but I was picking up the pace to keep the burn right. This cigar really pairs well with the rootbeer and brings out the molasses taste out of the IBC. I’m glad I still have a bundle and change of these left, I really need to start smoking them more often. Smiley Overall a great smoke for about $2.50 a stick.

Smoke again: Soon.
Buy again: For sure when I come close to running out and can give them a three month lead time until I smoke them. And of cbid, of course
Recommend: Highly for people who like a full bodied spicy sweet maduro.

enjoying cigars since 2005

4 thoughts on “Padilla Obsidian (Guest Review)

  1. Thanks for the publicatin Walt. 🙂

    Lisa- Yeah, definitely a nubber. 😀 I think I’m going to try dry boxing my next one for a day to see if that helps with the burn issues, though most of them are just cause it has a thick maduro wrapper.

    Allan- These are definitely a great smoke for the money. Cbid often has these as a Quick Buy for a pretty good deal. I’ve sworn off that site though or else I woulda said how awful these cigars are to cut down on the bidding. 😉

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