CI Legends Black (La Aurora)

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CI Legends Black (La Aurora)


Continuing on my series of reviews focusing on the CI Legends Series, I’m reviewing the Black Label from La Aurora. Quick cigar nutritional info:

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 5.7″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Corojo/Cubano Pilato/Nicaraguan
Price: $59.95(20)/$20.00(5)

Video runs about 20 minutes (last week’s review was a little short so I tried to even it out with a longer review this week). Its mostly me babbling about about what’s new, what I’m working on, why I only do one post a week, how I choose the cigar I review and a bunch of other stuff.

My Take
Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: No
Recommend It: No

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8 thoughts on “CI Legends Black (La Aurora)

  1. Its like Baskin Robins…any flavor of media you want your review in, you can get it! Thanks for so many media options!

    I’d love to see a review of that La Aurora Maduro you keep talking about. Brazilian wrappers are all the rage!

    Really looking forward to the upcoming articles/videos you’re working on. Your setup will definitely be interesting. I don’t know what you did different from your last review but this one looks better than that!

    I’m sure you can quit this CI Legends series after you do the Orange. I mean, except the Yellow, everything seems pretty run of the mill.

  2. Nice! YQMA is coming soon! Will you guys be back on a normal, every other week schedule?

    Nice review, great video quality! I’m looking forward to you reviewing the Orange and White labels. I think those two and the Yellow (like you mentioned) are the cream of the crop.

    Is your wife coming to Vegas?

  3. Great review!!! you saved me some $$$ 🙂

    I love the La Aurora Maduro too… you should do a supplemental, because I think walt’s review wasn’t the most positive 😮
    Its a cheap cigar that has mucho flavor… I like it…

    anyway… keep on a rockin’… I’m sure we’d all like to see more of you around Jerry!

  4. Jerry-
    Great review, despite the vid being longer then usual, I did not find myself bored or side tracked from it. So don’t even pay attention to the time. Just do whatever happens.

    I look at it this way… Even if it runs 25-30 minutes… You could have spent that time watching any episode of any random sit-com. Or, you could watch a cigar video. The choice is easy for me at least, which is why I can easily watch Walt’s 20-30 minute reviews and enjoy it too.

  5. Great review Jerry. Love the music and I look forward to your review of the Orange. I’ve smoked two and think they are actually pretty good but I kept spitting out bits of tabacco that came out. A LOT of short filler. The Yellow is better then the Orange but heck, for the price, pretty good deal.


  6. Jerry, do you realize you said ‘ah-ite’ 4 times? LOL!
    Great review once again. So far I’ve passed on the CI series and think I’ll hold to that line.
    Thanks again!

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